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Aligning Leaders

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Author, Keynote Speaker, Catalyst & Thought Leader


Alignment is a central theme of my work–aligning life from the inside and the outside. Ignoring any part of our self — body, mind, spirit — results in another part of life falling out of place. But when everything works together, life transforms!

My passion for helping people live life fully led to my work as an author, coach, and public speaker who is passionate about helping people live a life they adore. I provide the tools, resources, and support my clients need to not only embrace their purpose, but actively pursue it with intention.

Living intuitively while integrating all areas of life has brought me to where I am today. We are each here to live our path. Our intuition is here to help us.

As founder and principal of Strategic Solutions Services, LLC, my experience, skills, and knowledge have helped leaders reach the next level of their creative aspirations. As an experienced professional with strong leadership skills and deep insight, I am devoted to working with leaders and visionary organizations wanting to align their values and behaviors personally, professionally, and beyond. Everything we need is already within each of us. I work as a catalyst to show you how to discover your full potential and use it to transform and thrive.

Can you imagine a world in which we are all living our purpose? That is what I believe we, as a global society, are meant to create. Join me in my vision.

"Working with Jan has been pivotal in my development as a business owner. I have learned how to clarify my intentions and proactively approach business as a series of meaningful steps. Through our discussions and guided visualizations, I am able to define the particulars of my goal from a calm, centered point of view. Her work is honest, radiant and eloquent. She is a priceless resource for anyone who has a dream to achieve."

Wyn PottratzOwner of Core 7

"Jan's ability to see the big picture, coupled with her keen insights into organizational dynamics, enabled her to lead and execute thought leadership initiatives that differentiated her company from wannabe competitors. This kind of truly strategic marketing produced meaningful financial results, and it was fun to be a part of the action."

Private Equity Media ExecutiveNY/London

“Jan’s the real deal. She operates at the highest level of integrity and commitment while staying real. She is a translator and an interpreter – she has been a guide in uncovering my truth, my mission and helped me take action on my life and my dreams. She has the ability to take your words –or thoughts– and translate them into what you meant to say, or were thinking.”