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6 Tips for Developing Your Inspiration

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You already know what’s right for you — yes, really! Everywhere we turn, we’re constantly drowned by other people telling us what to do and what to think (oh yeah, and how and when to do it, too). After a while, all of those voices start competing with each other, making finding your way in life rather confusing! The best...
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kind people lighting a lantern with happiness.

21 Ways of Kindness That Make Us All Happier

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The Ways Of Kindness When you think of kindness, do you think of someone nobly performing 50 random acts of kindness? Admirable as that is, that isn’t the only means to approach kindness. There are many ways people show kindness every day. Kindness is simply the act of being friendly, generous, and considerate, and there is evidence of that everywhere. Sometimes we just have...
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A couple showing each other kindness.

7 Things Kind People Do That Make Us Adore Them

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Syndicated on Yahoo, November 15, 2015 Have you ever noticed that kind people are also incredibly content in their life? That’s because being kind literally increases our levels of health and happiness. Research shows this impacts our relationships positively, as well. Kindness helps keeps couples together. The more your partner is on the receiving end of your goodwill, the more…

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