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teach empathy

Why It’s So Important to Teach Empathy Today More Than Ever

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We are a diverse world — diverse in culture,  viewpoint, and opportunities.  This diversity has a wealth of knowledge and insight.  But because diversity, by definition, doesn’t always speak the same language, literally or figuratively, we overlook the vast opportunities within our world.  Instead of drawing together to connect and overcome differences, polar opposite opinions divide us.  Teaching — and…

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So Emotional

Why Am I So Emotional Lately?

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This has been an intense year.  Besides a medical pandemic affecting everyone, it can seem as if we have a global emotional epidemic, as well. The condition of the world is hard to ignore. Regardless of your political affiliations, current health, and employment status, nothing feels stable. It brings up a Pandora’s Box of emotions. Amid global chaos, it triggers…

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15 powerful leadership quotes

15 Powerful Quotes for Innovative Leadership

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We’re all leaders — or have the potential to be.  A leader is someone who lives with integrity, thereby impacting and inspiring others.  A leader’s character and principles are felt in both their presence and their actions. Actions and words are the instruments of their influence. Consistent action builds trust and incites loyalty. Words have the power to inspire, motivate,…

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How to create permanent life balance to thrive

How to Create Permanent Life Balance to Thrive

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It can sometimes seem that there’s a perfect formula to balance life. Once we decipher that formula, we’ll unlock the secret to having everything we want — including the ability to manage it with health, vitality, and energy. If there’s any mystery to decode about life balance, it’s the meaning behind the word itself. What is balance? Balance means equilibrium….

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3 ways to transform your brain with gratitude

Three Ways That Will Transform Your Brain With Gratitude

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Gratitude has infused modern culture. We don’t have to look far to find references to Gratitude Journals or Gratitude Lists. Our language, always a sign of our current and recent culture, is full of references to gratitude. “Thank your lucky stars”, “thank goodness …”, etc. Gratitude seeps into our consciousness in various ways. While all of these actions are fabulous…

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7 Ways money is key to self growth

7 Ways Money Is A Key to Self Growth

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If you’ve avoided the topic of money in your life, there are compelling reasons to change your approach. Money is a reflection of ourself at both a superficial and deep level. It expresses who we are through our appearance and reveals our thoughts, behaviors, and choices on a daily basis. Even when we think we are avoiding finances, the situations…

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Cleaning creates empathy and happiness header with woman wiping the window

Cleaning Makes Me Happy — and Empathetic

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A couple years ago I wrote an article on why cleaning made me happy. It’s still true and you can read those reasons below. What I’ve recently discovered in addition, though, is that cleaning our home also fosters empathy. So while doing routine cleaning, we are not only improving our home, we are becoming better people — happy and empathetic!…

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What is coaching header with the ocean in the background

What is Coaching: Calling or Profession?

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What is Coaching -- Calling or Profession? What is coaching? Coaching, when effective, is a transformative process. It’s often life changing for the client and simultaneously humbling and heart expanding for the coach. This month’s featured Life of Purpose, LuAnn Nigara, is witnessing that experience as she expands her business from window treatments to business coaching programs. For many years...
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