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Coaching Disclaimer & Liability Release

All coaching services and communication, email or otherwise, delivered by Jan L. Bowen and through dba Strategic Solutions Services, LLC (the “Coach”) is intended as beneficial information to assist you in your life progression, not as a substitute for medical care. Jan, independently and through her company, makes no representation that the information provided is licensed health care. Coaching may augment your medical therapy, but is not meant to be a substitute for clinical counseling, treatment for suicidal ideation, clinical depression or severe psychiatric diagnoses.

As a client, it is important to understand the difference between coaching and clinical counseling or psychotherapy. While there are similarities between them, the major differences are in the goals, focus, and level of professional responsibility. Clinical counseling and psychotherapy are health care/medical services which are frequently reimbursable through health insurance policies. Coaching is not a health care of medical service. Therefore, coaching services are not reimbursable through health insurance policies.

It is also important to understand that coaching is a professional relationship. While it may often feel like a close personal relationship, it is not one that can extend beyond professional boundaries. Considerable experience shows that when boundaries blur, the benefits gained from the coaching relationship are endangered.

In that spirit, by purchasing coaching services from Jan, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the information contained here and that you wish to proceed.

I understand that the coaching services I will be receiving from my Coach are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. I also understand that my Coach is not acting as a medical professional.

I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my well-being during my coaching sessions, and subsequently, including my choices and decisions.

I recognize that coaching requires emotional, physical, and mental exertion and behavioral experimentation on the client’s part. I fully acknowledge any risk of physical, mental, or emotional injury and take full responsibility. I agree that it is my responsibility to consult with my primary health care provider prior to participating as needed.

I understand that all comments and ideas offered by my Coach are solely for the purpose of aiding me in achieving my defined goals. I have the ability to give my informed consent, and hereby give such consent to my coach to assist me in achieving such goals.

I understand that my Coach is not promising outcomes, benefits, or results that will be achieved included but not limited to increased clientele, profitability and or business success.

I understand that my Coach will protect my information as confidential unless I state otherwise in writing. If I report child, elder abuse or neglect or threaten to harm myself or someone else, I understand that necessary actions will be taken and my confidentiality agreement is limited in this capacity. Furthermore, if my Coach is ordered by a court to provide information or to testify, she will do so to the extent the law requires.

Any decisions you make, and the consequences thereof are your own. Under no circumstances can you hold the Coach liable for any actions that you take. You agree not to hold Jan L Bowen, her companies, or any employees of her companies, liable for any loss or cost incurred by you, or any person related or associated with you, as a result of materials or techniques, or coaching, offered by her.

This information shown on the website or expressed during sessions is intended to be general information with respect to common Life issues. Information is offered in good faith – you do not have to use this information.

Professional Coaching Sessions are for adults 18 or older. reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.

All information used for billing or for sessions is held confidential. Your personally identifiable information is never sold, traded, or given away.