Clarity Session


Get Clarity Fast

Are you looking for peace of mind and confidence to move forward on an issue? This is for you.

In 30 minutes, you and I will talk directly about what is holding you back. And then, we’ll not only figure out the most powerful way through it, we’ll come up with an Action Plan.

All that in 30 minutes? Yes!

Please note: only available as single session. If you’d like more support, I’d love to help through my other services. Questions? Just ask and we’ll figure out what will work best for your needs.

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Here’s The Logistical Process

  1. You commit to the Clarity Session.
  2. After purchasing your session, you will receive an automatic download of a “Focus Now” questionnaire to complete and return to me no later than 2 days prior to our session. This serves to organize your thoughts to make the most of our brief time together AND allows me to prepare a targeted session for you.
  3. You schedule here
  4. We’ll meet for 30 minutes on Zoom via video. (I’ll send you a link once you schedule a time.)
  5. Following your session, you’ll receive a Personalized Action Plan within 48 hours. It will have a brief overview of our agreements.

Now you see how we can accomplish that much in such a short time. We’ll focus on the challenge and the greatest potential outcome. It is startling the motivation and clarity you can experience when you set your sights on improvement in this way.


Why I can make a difference for you

If my bio and website information didn’t quite convince you that I can help walk you through to the next step, let me explain why I may be a different solution to others you’ve tried. Quite simply — it’s the combination I bring. Not one thing in itself is unusual, but the combination is.

Personality-wise, I am highly intuitive and an idiosyncratic combination of practical hard-tacks with overflowing sensitive empathy. Put those together and it means I truly understand what you mean AND I can interpret a method to navigate you to the next practical step.

Business-wise, my experience is extensive and spans over 40 years. I’ve formed and run my own business, worked in the high adrenaline world of mergers & acquisitions, been a corporate executive at a Fortune 500 company for over ten years, and many iterations in between. Through it all I’ve maintained my common thread of living my Life Purpose. What that means for you is that I’ve experienced the full gamut of work situations and can bring my experience to the session for practical results.

Life is about integration.

We aren’t work and we aren’t just leisure. We are everything in our life. Who and what we are needs to combine to represent us. That’s living in integrity, and that comes from living in clarity.

My tools:

Take a look at my full bio for the formal outline, but I’ll bring my certifications and experience as a life coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, Balanced Body and Integrative Yoga instructor as just one small part of our work together. Pilates and yoga – on Skype? Yes. Body language is a key part of how we communicate, before we even exercise!

I’d love to help you get back your peace of mind and motivation. When we are razor-focused and clear, our energy soars. It’s remarkable how fast it can happen! Looking forward to moving you closer to your vision!

"Jan helped me work on a step by step process on what I wanted to accomplish in my life, and kept me firmly on track when I went off to the sidelines. I had no idea what to expect before working with Jan, but she helped me achieve what I wanted. She is very genuine in her desire to assist in the process of getting you to your goals."

Rick M.

"Jan's the real deal. She operates at the highest level of integrity and commitment while staying real. She's a translator and an interpreter - she has been a guide in uncovering my truth, my mission and helped me take action on my life and my dreams. She has the ability to take your words --or thoughts-- and translate them into what you meant to say, or were thinking."


"Jan is wise beyond her words. Somehow she brings concepts to a practical place so I can use them. And she's so enjoyable!"

Ann M.