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Everyone has the potential to be a leader in their own life.
A leader is someone who lives with integrity, thereby inspiring and impacting others.
Isn’t that you?

Jan at her photoshoot.
Jan L. Bowen signing her book
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Everyone has the potential to be a leader in their own life…


Every facet of your being — physical, mental, and spiritual — has been designed to help you succeed in life.

If you feel that you aren’t reaching the level you’d like in business or in your personal life, getting yourself back to alignment will make the difference. Break through stumbling blocks and regain clarity. Bring your values, talents, skills, energy, and style in sync with your behavior and set up the practical details within your life to support yourself.

Life has many twists and turns. If it’s brought you to a place where you could use support getting back to alignment,

I can help.

Packages are tailored to fit each client precisely, so we work together to create a program perfect for you. Take a look at the options. I’d love to be the Catalyst to help you reconnect to joy, purpose, and moving forward to the success you have waiting.



First and foremost…


Because I honor the trust a client gives me, I want to give them back the best. So, enjoy a personalized approach that is made just for you.

Together, we decide on the best solution.

You choose the potential with the most promising outcome with me by your side as a guide.

And together, we build a customized tool kit for life



Remember those objectives I said were so important — yours? We’ll set those at the outset.

You can look forward to measurable results. I don’t like my clients to be disappointed.

How can I help?


Your life is not business OR personal, family OR friends, home OR workplace.

It’s all of those and more.

Together we’ll discover & blast through the stumbling blocks that keep you from getting where you want to go by seeing the patterns that overlap all areas of your life.

Just as your life has many areas where you participate, you are a combination of forces,too! We’ll work to integrate the internal and external you so you feel like one whole entirely fabulous person!


Alignment is a central theme of my work. We’ll work on aligning your life, your body-mind-spirit, and all other areas. When everything works together, it’s just that much easier. And isn’t that what you’re looking for — an EASIER way through life?

Good! Let’s talk…



"Working with Jan has been a joy. She is authentic and a deep listener; attentive to the whole person and the whole life. Jan’s approach is to guide the recognition of themes that have created or contributed to a person’s fulfillment over time – wherever those themes emerge. Her observations are astute, well-timed, and resonant. For me, this process resulted in defining success and creating goals in a way that has staying power. I highly recommend Jan as a career advisor or personal coach."

Legal DirectorTop Technology Firm, Bay Area

"Jan’s ability to see the big picture, coupled with her keen insights into organizational dynamics, enabled her to lead and execute thought leadership initiatives that differentiated her company from wannabe competitors. This kind of true strategy produced meaningful financial results, and it was fun to be a part of the action."

Private Equity Media ExecutiveNew York/London

"Working with Jan has been pivotal in my development as a business owner. I have learned how to clarify my intentions and proactively approach business as a series of meaningful steps. Through our discussions and guided visualizations, I am able to define the particulars of my goal from a calm, centered point of view. Her work is honest, radiant and eloquent. She is a priceless resource for anyone who has a dream to achieve."

Wyn PottratzFilmmaker, Choreographer, & Business Owner