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6 Easy Ways To Be Your Own Damn Therapist!

By October 30, 2015March 13th, 2018Published Articles
Woman sitting in a chair sipping her drink after a self therapy session.
You don’t need anyone else’s advice, you already know what’s right for you — yes, really!

Everywhere we turn, we’re constantly drowned by other people telling us what to do and what to think (oh yeah, and how and when to do it, too). After a while, all of those voices start competing with each other, making finding your way in life rather confusing!

The best way to find some peace of mind and confidence about your life choices is by developing your own intuition — which you probably already know is that voice inside you that never lets you down. You know … that quiet but persistent voice that just won’t shut up until you do what’s right for you.

Feel out of touch with that inner voice? Well, what if you could strengthen and develop that voice to serve as your most loyal, best friend — the one true friend that never competes with you and is always in your corner cheering you on? The one who knows your deepest secrets and desires, never judges, and just helps you?

Yep, that’s the true role of your inner voice — it’s an inner GPS system that has only your best interest as its sole destination. When there is nobody else around, guess what? You can still count on the voice to guide and support you.

Here’s the good news — developing your intuition is one of the most enjoyable projects you can tackle.

The steps below work in different ways but are similar because they help calm down your busy, conscious mind and allow the quieter, wiser subconscious mind to surface. Here are six ways to successfully begin getting in sync with the “true blue” inner voice inside of you:

1. Spend time in silence every day. Practice just listening and wait for what enters your thoughts. I promise silence won’t kill you (even though it feels uncomfortable at first when you’re not used to it). Just like you can’t truly hear a friend talk over the din of a loud restaurant; you can’t hear your inner voice speak over the din of your loud mind!

2. Spend time outside in nature. When you exercise, do it outside. Play a game with your kids or pet, go for a walk, eat lunch at a park, etc. More time out in the fresh air is obviously better, but even just five minutes in nature works wonders to help you ground back into yourself.

3. Do things that truly bring you joy. Create space in your every day for little things that make you laugh or giggle out loud, the activities that push happiness up inside your chest and fill it so full it has to explode outwards. Play with your dog, watch a funny video online, dance around your living room. Joy helps clear out cobwebs in your mind that block you from hearing your inner truth.

4. Write in a journal, every day if possible. Write your questions and then wait in quiet silence for what answers come to you. And then write it down without censoring.

5. Write down your dreams. Each morning, jot down what you remember about your dreams from the night before. Watch for patterns and messages in the dreams.

6. Exercise. Walk, do Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates — doesn’t matter. Moving and then relaxing the body helps the mind open up.

Now wait … are you thinking you “don’t have time” for activities, or, perhaps, they sound awful but you still want to see if you can get your inner voice to speak a bit louder?

Why not incorporate aspects of these exercises into your existing day? Commute without headphones, drive without outside media, put a picture of your favorite spot in nature (e.g., a waterfall, island, mountains, garden) on your workspace, replace a chipped coffee mug with one you adore, buy soap with a scent that makes you swoon, listen to music that makes you happy or energized. See, that’s not so hard, is it?

Need more ideas? Add thoughts and ideas to your to-do lists, recall your dreams before getting out of bed and think about them while you’re in the shower. Incorporate exercise into your routine by doing five minutes of stretching every hour, walk rather than drive to get your afternoon coffee or pick your kids up from school, whenever possible, take the stairs, etc.

But the most important step is — make sure you take a moment to pay attention to your thoughts and see what surfaces before, during, and after you do these activities (the big or small version of them). This is how you’ll see (and feel) your own insights and wisdom grow stronger.

So what’s the difference between all those gnawing, negative messages we tell ourselves (like: “You’re too fat.” “You’re going to look foolish.” etc.) and our true inner guidance? If it’s intuition, the voice is usually direct and strong, but is never hateful or harsh. You feel calm, strong, confident, at peace, happy, and energized when you hear it.

Over time, your self-confidence and peace of mind grow to the point where you feel unstoppable! It never pushes you into a situation where you feel unsafe, threatened or deeply uncomfortable.

Feel inspired? Do this now:

Go for a walk with whatever you have on your mind — intend on receiving some sort of guidance from your intuition. Just walk outside and enjoy what enters your mind. If your mind is a bit mixed up and confused at first, keep walking until you get a sense of calm and an answer that gives you a sense of assurance.

Conversing with your intuition is not only a lot of fun but it takes us on a heart-felt journey to places we often avoid but it does it in a gentle, kind way.

I know whenever I’m facing a problem it’s usually because I’ve avoided dealing with something in the first place.

It seems easier to charge ahead with my big bold ideas than pause and ask myself what would be the smart choice sometimes. But often, that’s exactly what’s needed. And it’s as simple as talking to ourselves!

If you’d like support developing your ability to hear your inner wisdom, my course on intuition is now available. How to Hear What You Know:  A Course on Developing Your Intuition to Practically Guide You Through Life is an on-line program with lessons consisting of videos, worksheets, and more. At completion, you are supported in your intuitive development through an online community hosted by me with ongoing resources and information. Find more details here.

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