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A Conversation with Chris Shea: Mindful Road to Success

By March 15, 2018April 30th, 2019Life of Purpose

Chris Shea: Mindful Road to Success

Sometimes the only distinction to find peace in life is by working from the inside. Chris Shea is a mental health therapist known for his work with addiction and recovery, a coach, campus minister, author, and podcaster who has found peace — now. But first he had to address the internal challenges that called as part of his external success.  Listen in to hear Chris share his path through the curves.


  • Chris’ transition from workaholic to therapist
  • His life journey through his blog: and using journaling as a healing outlet
  • The role depression had in Chris’ life and how it led to his podcast, “On Finding Peace”
  • The struggle of what to DO with depression
  • The route from blog to publishing and private practice
  • Intentionality, awareness, and authenticity
  • How self-confidence and aging helped Chris’ shyness on his route to success
  • Chris’ detour from Catholic seminary and how it has impact on his life today
  • His definition of mindfulness and spirituality
  • How to find a foundation during crises of Self
  • On Finding Peace in the midst of experiencing a full range of emotions
  • How Chris relaxes — and connects
  • Social media as a tool for connection
  • The impact Chris’ clients have on his life
  • Chris’ vision


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