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A Conversation with Entwined Lifestyle: Joined in Purpose

By April 1, 2018April 30th, 2019Life of Purpose

Entwined Lifestyle: Joined in Purpose

Jan and Jillian Yuhas are identical twins with a Relationship and Lifestyle coaching business, Entwined Lifestyle. Highly skilled, with credentials as life coaches and as Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs), they are also conflict resolution mediators, and experts in body language and micro-expressions.  They combine their credentials with their experience, abilities and twin-ship to help their clients gain deep insight in order to find love.

Love is their purpose and focus, with self-worth and self-love playing major roles. Their story fits together in layers as who they are individually and together meets to serve their clients. Listen in for a joyful, loving conversation full of background on how they became the dynamic duo they are today.


  • How the motto “Live in the NOW” becomes “WON” and why everyone has the ability to achieve their goals
  • The importance of choice, plans, and action
  • The passion Jan & Jillian have and what role it has with their work in relationships
  • Power of close connections, including the role of their twin-ship
  • How to have multiple dynamics in one relationship
  • The role of a holistic lifestyle and what it provides
  • Future talk: homeopathic apothecary boutiques and prescriptions for health
  • Different thinking patterns and the role they play
  • Important women in their life, including the Grandmother they consider an icon
  • Where flowers and floral arrangement feature in their life
  • The gift and role of transformative coaching
  • The power of self-worth and believing in yourself
  • Messages on self-love
  • Getting on the other side of struggle: how to do it, what it looks like in the middle, and what’s waiting
  • Listening to clues for life balance
  • And much more!


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