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A Conversation with Terry Trayvick: Committed to People

By May 4, 2017May 1st, 2019Life of Purpose
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Once you’ve reached the top of  external success measures and have a great social structure, too, what is there? Continue the exploration with this conversation as Terry Trayvick and I explore a few “light” topics — such as globabization, diversity, and future economy. We also chat about brain games and family.

It’s all tied in to Terry’s purpose — helping people. He does that whether it’s at home, with clients, or connecting people across borders.

Level 5 is more than the name of Terry Trayvick’s two firms. It encompasses the leadership that he models and to which he guides those in his life. There is no doubt Terry is an accomplished executive with an impressive track record. His corporate history will show that. In fact, he excels so clearly it’s hard to get away from them. But you can look at his LinkedIn profile for the facts.

What shines throughout his life is his commitment to people. You’ll hear him repeat the theme. And more importantly, you’ll see him demonstrate it through his actions.

Terry loves people. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t also love business and success. He didn’t leave Fortune 500 success because he grew fatigued of the corporate structure or what it entailed. His purpose called him to a greater commitment.

The thread that carries throughout his life are the values of helping people. Whether it’s his family or a stranger, Terry does what it takes. His reputation precedes him.

Terry’s experience as a global leader gives him a perspective I wanted to explore. Listen in to his views on globalization — beyond politics.

Commitment is unwavering regardless of the location.

Talented people are found everywhere and Terry is adept at finding the best. Listen in on why diversity is crucial in a diverse economy and listen to the end on the responsibility we all have.


In his corporate life he assembled teams that were, in Jim Collins vernacular, “great” or on the way there. They were an achieving diverse team committed to results. This dedication to people and performance has an impact at a global level, too. Here’s why it makes a difference:

Feel inspired?

Want to take action? If you need a budge or more of encouragement, here’s Terry’s perspective. “Go for it!”

Powerful and new connections through a new company

With no plans to retire and his original company thriving, Terry formed Fifth Level Capital supporting people in new way. With a steadfast foundation of trust, he provides strategy, funding, and execution to select companies. His passion shows as his discusses this company.

Once again, his commitment shows as he invests personally in who and what he believes in — private companies needing his expertise.


A blessed life

Terry grounds himself with his family — all of them, and knows he is exactly where he should be. There’s no question about it.

Terry is CEO and Founder of  Level Five, LLC and Managing General Partner of 5th Level Capital. He is also Treasurer of You can connect with him on those sites or through his email at Watch and see if you aren’t inspired to rise a level (or more) in your leadership or to connect a little more consciously in your world.

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