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Sheri Perbeck: Connecting the Seen with the Unseen

By June 10, 2019Life of Purpose

Intro:  This episode may ask you to suspend your doubt and even some fear as my guest and I discuss concepts that range beyond ordinary daily topics.

Yet what we discuss is becoming increasingly talked about. And I hope our conversation will bring something of value to you — perhaps a new idea or a fresh perspective, peace of mind, encouragement, or maybe just a new level of curiosity.

My guest is Sheri Perbeck, angel communicator, medium, healer, and spiritual teacher, and one of the cohosts of the podcast: Deb and Friends: Quest for Connection.

In our conversation we discuss how Sheri began and the work she does now, as well as some of the surprising twists and turns. Listen in for special words of guidance that are a natural part of Sheri’s message. If you pay attention, you’ll also get a glimpse through Sheri’s words of what it might feel like to be in communication as Sheri is.

I’m excited to bring you this unusual episode and I hope you’ll enjoy it. There’s much to ponder in this stellar life of purpose.


  • The impact of Sheri’s childhood
  • Sheri’s beginning as an intuitive and the influence of her father
  • When and how early teachers and mentors showed up in Sheri’s life
  • Maureen Goodhouse’s Transformational Healing program and the role in changing Sheri’s life
  • The status of her Transitional Healing program
  • The first angel she communicated with and how she knew who it was
  • Angels Michael and Metatron
  • Angel Speak candles — how they originated and what they are
  • Who is Fletcher and what role does he have in Sheri’s life?
  • What Sheri does daily in order to do the work she does
  • How to work with Sheri
  • And so much more!


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