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A Conversation with Ben Gioia: Leading with Heart

By October 2, 2017March 8th, 2018Life of Purpose

Ben Gioia: Leading With Heart

What does it take to live with heart — to influence and lead authentically? Listen in on a conversation with Ben Gioia (“Joy – a”) who makes a massive impact in the world being a speaker, author, and coach.

Ben shows others how to create greater income, influence, & impact in business and life by leading with heart. Curious on what it takes? Want to know more? Listen in.


  • Why we want to lead with heart
  • The beginning and growth of Ben’s business
  • The challenge of reaching a broad demographic base of employees globally with a unified message
  • New elements of technology in organizational development (think video games)
  • Ben’s evolution from marketing focus in his business to his purpose now
  • How Ben receives intuitive cues and how they might be similar to yours
  • Why empathy leads to business growth
  • How to hold a vision
  • Where innovation shows up — and how
  • Unlearning — what it is and why it is wonderfully effective
  • The challenge of creating new neural pathways and how to persevere
  • Marketing funnels vs. the roots of marketing
  • Ways to tap into wisdom
  • Meditation as daily practice


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