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A Conversation with Carol Cox: Voices Heard

By April 24, 2017December 13th, 2017Life of Purpose

Carol Cox: Empowering Voices to be Heard

What creates a life of purpose? Political analyst, speaking coach, entrepreneur, university teacher, history fellow, political activist — any of those would seem to be a life of purpose. But purpose is about who we are, not what we do. Carol Morgan Cox does a lot, there’s no doubt about that. And through it all she lives her purpose giving women the tools they need to empower them to lead and create change.  Carol empowers women by giving them the tools to give them a voice. She allows them to rise up and be heard — in government, in business, and in their everyday life.


  • How Carol’s beginnings led to what she is doing now
  • Why slides bother her and what that awareness led to
  • What levels of learning still exist for public speakers
  • How and why stories connect us
  • Women’s special messages and needs & how Carol chose her niche
  • Her political origins — personally & professionally
  • Why we need more women in public office — and the route to make it happen
  • How she infuses her values into life
  • The role of people she surrounds herself with
  • How she reaches the next creative level in life
  • What Carol is handling as current challenges
  • Carol’s unique approach for her business and podcast
  • How mindfulness and quantum physics apply in Carol’s life
  • The role of turning points
  • The habits that sustain her
  • Tips for all of us to help get more women involved publicly
  • What’s next for Carol and her business

Watch and listen. She’s someone to hear.


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