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A Conversation with Cris Gladly: Protector and … Gladiator?

By February 1, 2018April 30th, 2019Life of Purpose

Cris Gladly: Protector and … Gladiator?

In this Profile of a Life of Purpose, you’ll hear my guest explain why she doesn’t believe in purpose — and what she does believe in instead. Cris is a consultant and speaker working with social and emotional intelligence to foster positive workplace culture.

You’ll hear how she used her experiences from a young age to arrive at the work she does today, and how she crafted it herself.  In our conversation, we discuss what led to Cris arriving at this work. Listen in — and hear why she is a Protector above all (and stay to the end to hear why I call her a Gladiator).


  • The perfection of the “human machine” — how understanding our mechanisms as a machine can help us on a practical level
  • Cris’ career path and the choices she made, including how marketing led to Cris’ creation of her current work, and when she found herself re-creating
  • The path of trailblazing
  • The responsibility of awareness
  • Pragmatism and sensitivity combined, and how these traits served Cris well
  • Where and when Cris found her support tribe
  • The practical application of brain science
  • Why Cris leads with data
  • How connection and relationships show up as a theme throughout Cris’ work
  • The need for communication
  • Cris’ perspective on what we all lack — and why
  • Hot tip: using spy goggles as an aid to illuminating unconscious bias!
  • Cris’ definition of “purpose” and “center”, and when she first articulated it
  • When Cris first articulated her purpose
  • The energetics of words and how the chosen word holds power
  • How Cris launched her global speaking career
  • How motherhood focused Cris’ direction in her work and parenting a remarkably aware young woman with strength and sensitivity
  • What Cris finds challenging (spoiler alert: it’s relaxing) and what she does about it
  • How rebellion plays a role in Cris’ life


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