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Conversation with Emmitt Muckles — a Man with a Message

By March 1, 2018May 1st, 2019Life of Purpose

Emmitt Muckles: A Man with a Message

Beginning from Detroit’s east side neighborhoods, Emmitt Muckles is now a successful business man, corporate trainer at Fronius, podcaster, author, and speaker. The journey from Detroit led to creating The Billionaire Lifestyle, offering information and inspiration extending beyond the monetary. Listen in to hear more about his path from Detroit to abundance and  learn what Emmitt wants more than anything.


  • How the civil rights movement and crack cocaine led to Emmitt’s life now
  • The significance of moving from the inner city to the suburbs — and beyond
  • How culture shock opened Emmitt to a world of learning
  • The role music and dance played in Emmitt’s life
  • What books meant to Emmitt and the book that made the difference (spoiler alert: it’s How to Win Friends and Influence People)
  • Emmitt’s earlier attempts at podcasting
  • The two concepts that transformed Emmitt’s route through podcasting
  • Who he wants to reach with his message
  • Sammy Davis, Jr. and Emmitt
  • Wisdom from a dad
  • What’s next for Emmitt and an invitation


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