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A Conversation with Julie and Steve Harris: Whiskey & Red

By April 24, 2017April 30th, 2019Life of Purpose

Julie and Steve Harris | Whiskey & Red: Education and Empowerment, Honesty and Transparency

Who we are on the inside is revealed by so much of how we represent ourselves visually. Husband and wife team, Julie and Steve Harris, of Whiskey & Red, empower entrepreneurs and small business owners with the knowledge and tools to represent their business both accurately and powerfully. In their work branding, designing, and building websites they use their talent, knowledge and skills to showcase their clients’ businesses through branding, design, and website development.

Julie & Steve go far beyond the practical as they uncover and foster the mission behind their clients’ growth. They equip their clients with the ability to continue their path of growth. Their purpose empowers their clients’ purpose — a circle continues.

Listen to this conversation on the Life of Purpose series with a couple who has created their business — Whiskey & Red — with both visual and virtual beauty, empowering goals and dreams. (And learn why that name!)


  • How lifestyle and family played a role in Julie’s decision for her business direction
  • How Steve’s past as a medic in the US Military led to life as a web developer
  • Where the element of communication showed up for both Julie & Steve throughout their career history
  • The fun of helping clients achieve their goals
  • Their equation of success
  • The passion within their work
  • A peek behind the curtain of what it takes to deliver the beautiful design and efficient structure of their product
  • Why education is crucial to their business model
  • The values that Whiskey & Red runs on and how goals and morals fit in
  • The reason collaborating and outsourcing with select partners is a key part of their methodology
  • How personal and professional roles fit in their life together
  • Their world travel tour to 15 countries in 2 years and the role of travel in their life
  • Why the name “Whiskey and Red”?
  • Bricks and mortar vs. online business
  • Next steps for Whiskey & Red


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