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A Conversation with Kim Adams: Opening to Light

By June 1, 2017January 16th, 2018Life of Purpose

Kim Adams: Opening to Light

How do you let the light in during a time that is frequently known for its fear and darkness? Listen in on a conversation with end of life coach, Kim Adams, to learn how to transform the end of life from a place of fear to one of light.

Kim uses her education, skills, and talent to prepare her clients leave the physical world by helping them work through any emotional fear they have, as well as handle practical details they may not wish to leave undone. Education and transformation to bring this hopeful light forward are hallmarks of Kim’s work.

Hear more of Kim’s concept for the future and the plans she sees on how to create a new vision and reality we can all enjoy at the end of our days here.


  • How and when Kim “chose” the work she does
  • The role of fear in life and death and dying
  • Nature and the cycles of life in the process of learning about death
  • Kim’s Grandmother’s role in grief (and other family members)
  • The important role of advocate in grief and end of life
  • Choice at all stages of life, right to the end
  • End of Life education with the National Home Funeral Alliance
  • Historical changes from the Civil War that impacted our current tradition
  • Companioning as a part of end of life
  • Dying as an active process — the work of it
  • How permission can free and comfort grieving family and loved ones
  • Merging personal spiritual practice with client work
  • The changing face of Hospice and Kim’s vision for the future
  • Dying to Talk Cafe


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