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A Conversation with Sue Tidswell: Humanizing the Workplace

By September 6, 2017April 23rd, 2019Life of Purpose

Sue Tidswell: Humanizing the Workplace

Listen in on a conversation with Sue Tidswell, a leader in the talent management business. Sue shares her thoughts on why we need to humanize the workplace and what the future of work could bring. We also discuss values, strengths, and how developing skills at work can make a difference in our world.


  • What caused Sue to relocate from London to New Jersey and become a US citizen
  • Sue’s work in sales, opening new markets, and coming to resolution
  • Sue’s viewpoint on talent and growth
  • Her thoughts on values
  • What’s required to find solutions to challenges
  • The best sales tool
  • What most companies fail to invest in and why it results in roadblocks
  • The skillset of creating and building teams
  • What clients want
  • The role and opportunity of networking beyond business growth
  • Community values
  • Political activism and why local politics are important
  • Sue’s passion for solving problems and where her curiosity leads
  • When it’s time to change
  • Why there is a need to humanize the workplace
  • Sue’s model for global consultancy
  • Sue’s thoughts on her next steps


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