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A Conversation with Jan Bowen on Creating a Life of Purpose

By December 1, 2018May 1st, 2019Life of Purpose

In this flipped around interview, Jan is the guest on her own podcast where she and Jess Tholmer discuss everything from books to childhood, and above all else, what living a life of purpose really means. 

Jan L. Bowen is a certified life and executive coach, thought leader, author, writer, animal-lover, dancer, and dear friend to many. Though she has various degrees and certifications, what stands out about Jan most of all is her ability to genuinely connect with others — regardless of age, race, gender, spirituality, or anything else.

Jan founded Strategic Solutions Services, LLC in 2003. Her first book, It’s Not That Complicated, was published in 2015. Jan connected with Jess Tholmer shortly after and they have worked together ever since.

Join us in conversation.


  • The story of Jan’s name
  • How Jan discovered meditation and how it became such a big part of her life
  • Why intuition is so important to Jan and how she discovered the idea of releasing her intuition course, How to Hear What You Know
  • A discussion about how Jan discovered writing as a (big) part of her life
  • Why Jan became a coach
  • “Meeting” Jan’s pets and a discussion of how much animals mean to her
  • Which of Jan’s senses are the strongest
  • How Jan feels about astrology as a whole, and if she feels a connection to her sign (she’s a Leo!)
  • What Jan’s personal motto is
  • The difference between true happiness and true joy
  • A bit about magical realism, Jan’s favorite writer, and the book that she recommends most often
  • What living a life of purpose really means to Jan
  • What Jan most values in friendship and why
  • What people would be most surprised to know about Jan
  • The three things Jan would take to a deserted island
  • What Jan’s favorite holiday and season are — they are different!


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