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Elevating Lives of Purpose with Denise Mange

By November 5, 2020Life of Purpose

Denise Mange, founder and owner of PetPrana® elevates lives of various species — human and animal, and has created a new industry model to do exactly that! 

I’m an animal lover and animals play a large role in my life, so it was a treat that Denise agreed to be a guest on my show.  And I couldn’t have been more delighted to have the time together to get to know her and learn more about her business and vision.

Certified dog trainer, pet intuitive, pet numerologist, and visionary business owner, Denise believes everyday interactions with our pets have the power to transform us. Her work combines traditional obedience training with energetic considerations of pet guardianship to facilitate meaningful connections and behavioral shifts for both you and your pets.

Her service offerings reflect her skills, professionalism, creativity, experience, and vision as they encompass all aspects of how to reach our pets — and how they can reach us. 

In Denise’s words: “Energy connects us all. As one of our most honest connections, everyday interactions with pets have the power to transform us. When we mindfully train, live, and connect with our animal companions, our pets’ behavior gives us insight into changes we can make in our own lives. And when we make those changes, we vibe higher, allowing our pets to shift their behavior and energy, too.”

It was a genuine pleasure creating this episode and I hope you enjoy it!


  • How the world of advertising and Denise’s corporate experience fosters intuitive development
  • The role of symbolism in Denise’s life and work
  • Animals as a mirror
  • Why reading a room is crucial — regardless of whether the industry is advertising or pet parenting
  • The power of words: the criticality of using proper language
  • Denise’s unique animal communication, and how it differs from other animal communicators
  • Why and when Denise temporarily shut down her intuition — and the opportunity she has now to do things differently for someone else
  • The wholistic approach of healing
  • A new paradigm of pet guardianship
  • The new level of understanding regarding energy
  • How Denise sees her ultimate role in life
  • Pet chakras and how they differ (or don’t) from human chakras
  • The model of Pet Rescue Pilots and the result of positive, uplifting messaging in a brand
  • A special trait of Denise’s 
  • How to raise the energy with pet guardianship — even if you don’t have a pet
  • What’s next from Denise — short and long term 
  • And so much more!


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