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Finding Answers through Astrology with Lucy Pond

By December 7, 2020December 8th, 2020Life of Purpose

and peace through creating art

This podcast year is ending with a very special interview of Lucy Pond, a well-known astrologer who combines tarot with her readings. A perhaps lesser-known gift she has, is that she is also an accomplished and multi-faceted artist. 

In fact, this show may be best appreciated on my YouTube channel where you can see Lucy showing examples of the art she discusses with me.  (If you’re interested in watching, link is below in show notes.)

Before we jump right into the discussion, I want to give you a some of her official biography. Lucy currently lives in New Mexico, and is originally from Washington state, having graduated from the University of Washington in Humanities. 

She has been a practicing astrologer and tarot reader since 1972. She owned a Metaphysical bookshop in Maui for 5 years and then Seattle. She was the Vice-president and President of the Washington State Astrological Association,  and studied at the Northwest School of Astrology with Marc Robertson’s classes. With Joanne Wickenburg, she taught and operated an astrological school in Seattle.

She is co-author of  The Metaphysical Handbook with her brother, David Pond, as well as contributed chapters in astrological books and has been published in The Mountain Astrologer.

She has sponsored astrological conferences in Seattle, has  taught classes in metaphysical awareness in Tulum, Mexico, and has participated in Womens Day Spa retreats in Vancouver,  British Columbia and Seattle. She has made multiple television and radio appearances in Seattle, Vancouver, and Maui, and has been on multiple podcasts. 

But seldom has she shared her personal journey on those podcasts. So I am especially delighted and honored that she agreed to be with us to tell us more of the story of how she chose the work she does, and how it plays the role in her life that it clearly does. 

I hope you enjoy the show! 


  • Lucy’s journey from Washington to New Mexico
  • Lucy’s roots in social work
  • The a-ha moment that led to Lucy creating a-ha moments for others
  • The beginning of tarot for Lucy’s work
  • The teachers along Lucy’s path
  • The role and advantage of Psychic Fairs in Lucy’s life
  • How a Gemini husband has impacted where Lucy lives
  • What are Chinese fortune sticks? (visual in YouTube)
  • The origins of Lucy’s art 
  • The role of journaling (visual in YouTube)
  • How Lucy’s art has evolved
  • The therapeutic release of art
  • The depth of magic in moments and the unexpected
  • The teacher who first told Lucy she would be the “face of astrology”
  • The tradition of astrology that Lucy follows, and how practicality applies to the way she works
  • The satisfaction of her work
  • The expression of art and how it’s progressed through various media
  • A show and tell of some art pieces, with explanation
  • The vision of Lucy’s future art show, bringing metaphysics to life
  • The role of symbols in our life
  • What’s ahead for us in the world, as seen in the charts
  • What’s next from Lucy
  • And so much more!


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