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Executive & Leadership coach Jan L Bowen helps global clients discover their purpose, live authentically and find greater joy.

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Assisting You in the Alignment of Your Intentions


Jan works through her business, Strategic Solutions Services, LLC to help individuals, teams and companies integrate and align from a foundation of values and purpose in order to function effectively in every arena of life.

Leadership Coaching with Jan goes far beyond accessing immediate answers to situational challenges relating to conflict resolution and communication skills. It simultaneously addresses alignment of the leader’s vision and place in their world. Thorough understanding of vision, and ensuring values and motives combine with relational skills, allow clarity while empowering leadership.

Leaders today that are poised for the next step look past themselves, past their organizations — and continue to look beyond to internal and external stakeholders, towards their community – both immediate and global.

Understand first what you value, align from those values, and lead your life and your organization from that alignment.


What is Executive Coaching and how does it differ from Leadership Coaching?


They all start with you, the leader. Executive and Leadership Coaching both include Life Balance Coaching. (After all, life is integrated!)

Leadership Coaching in addition incorporates aspects of life uniquely seen in a work environment — for example, organizational dynamics, team communication, and related topics.

Executive Coaching includes all of the above plus perspective(s) from other organizations such as Boards of Directors, internal and external stakeholders, donors, investors, and others. Typically, there is a common goal the organization and the individual are in partnership to achieve maximum impact. The coach serves as a catalyst to enable and maximize that process.

A sub-set of both Leadership and Executive Coaching, Team Development incorporates various methods, metrics, and techniques to ensure the team is in alignment with its organization and with each other, while simultaneously maintaining personal alignment.


Our approach engages your leadership team individually and collectively. Through knowing their individual strengths and challenges, and understanding the team’s specific preferences of behavior, you will be effectively aligned, thereby accelerating success

Be prepared. While we are working on tangible, measurable goals, transformational work is happening internally to effect lasting change. When you align what you stand for, how you show up in the world, and how you bring those intentions to fruition, your world has the potential to change

The process begins with a dialogue to discuss your goals and objectives, and to identify what is blocking you from achieving that vision. From there we work through different lenses to uncover the most effective approach to evolve your ideas into actionable tasks.

With this approach, you will discover how to unlock the knowledge assets that are already within you and your organization — often information that is forgotten and not leveraged. There is a wealth of value locked away that can be deciphered by working through what seems like a complex pattern into a clear and logical path.

Leadership Coaching Packages

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"Working with Jan has been a joy. She is authentic and a deep listener; attentive to the whole person and the whole life. Jan’s approach is to guide the recognition of themes that have created or contributed to a person’s fulfillment over time – wherever those themes emerge. Her observations are astute, well-timed, and resonant. For me, this process resulted in defining success and creating goals in a way that has staying power. I highly recommend Jan as a career advisor or personal coach."

Legal DirectorTop Technology Firm, Bay Area

"Jan’s ability to see the big picture, coupled with her keen insights into organizational dynamics, enabled her to lead and execute thought leadership initiatives that differentiated her company from wannabe competitors. This kind of true strategy produced meaningful financial results, and it was fun to be a part of the action."

Private Equity Media ExecutiveNew York/London

"Working with Jan has been pivotal in my development as a business owner. I have learned how to clarify my intentions and proactively approach business as a series of meaningful steps. Through our discussions and guided visualizations, I am able to define the particulars of my goal from a calm, centered point of view. Her work is honest, radiant and eloquent. She is a priceless resource for anyone who has a dream to achieve."

Wyn PottratzFilmmaker, Choreographer, & Business Owner

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