Strategy Session


Let’s get specific —

Are you looking for clear-cut direction and support? Do you have an idea of what you want and where you’re going but you need a practical help?

This service for you if life is moving along well and you have a distinct goal you want help with. Get deliberate action steps in moving forward with a Strategy Session and start getting results.

We’ll take a look at your idea or plan, identify your challenges, and then mine them for the FULL potential they represent in your life. We’ll end with detailed, explicit steps of an Action Plan you can implement right now.

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This is for you if…

  • You already have an idea, concept or plan
  • You kind of have an idea but it gets foggy when you try to write a to-do list
  • You’re mid-way through your plan and something happened and you’re stalled. Now what?

Does it matter what kind of concept? Not really. All plans start with the idea. They need the organization and structure, backed by action to get to results.

If you are feeling any of this:

  • Brain fog
  • Confusion
  • Motivated in bits and starts
  • Inertia & overwhelm
  • Procrastination & resistance
  • Discouragement when progress is stalled
  • Result — give up on dream/goal/commitment
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of self-esteem

We will change it to this:

  • Action
  • Success
  • Next stage
  • Specific plan
  • Confidence
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Expanded insight
  • Clarity
  • Motivation

Why THIS program will work

No doubt you’ve been trying to get through the challenges yourself. You are an intelligent person — after all, you have this great concept to create! And while it’s true challenges are part of the process it’s also true that we can’t see our own blind spots.

As a highly qualified leadership coach and business executive, I can help you see the areas you aren’t able to see for yourself. Together, we’ll clear the challenges and get you back on the road to success — quickly.

Here’s The Logistical Process

Complete the worksheet provided via automatic download after purchasing this service and return it to me. That will provide me with the background I need to come prepared to our meeting, ready to navigate through your next steps.

What we’ll do together:

At the conclusion of our 90 minute virtual session, you will have greater understanding of the process you are undertaking, increased insight on how you approach your goals, and specific action steps to get results.

We will:

  1. Review the idea, concept, or plan you have — in whatever stage it’s at
  2. Examine precisely what wants and needs to happen next
  3. Consider if there is anything keeping momentum from moving forward — personally or professionally
  4. Determine how to clear potential barriers
  5. Create an Action Plan with specific steps

Strategy Session includes:

  • My pre-assessment of your Worksheet for strategic input
  • Our 90 minute confidential virtual Visioning & Strategic Plan on Zoom
  • A unique combination of leadership coaching, executive consulting, and business advising services
  • Recording of our session
  • Your specific next steps as part of your Action Plan, with Resources

Why I can make a difference for you

The specific action you’ll be taking will catapult you forward. At the end of our 90 minutes together you will have

  • an awareness of what was formerly holding you back
  • how to move past those blocks
  • strategies to move through habitual patterns that stall you, and
  • confidence in your direction

We’ll identify your challenges and mine them for the full potential they represent in your life. By doing that, you’ll be empowered to take action now AND in the future as you recognize any familiar patterns that threaten to return.

From my many years of doing Corporate Strategy, I combine my visioning and strategic skills with the coaching techniques I incorporate as a credentialed coach to maximize your immediate results while simultaneously revealing the knot that’s tangled you in the past. Once that knot is discovered, we untangle it and use the components of it to forge forward. THAT’S how permanent change unfolds.

Still not sure I’m the right person for you?

If my bio and website information didn’t quite convince you that I can help walk you through to the next step, let me explain why I may be a different solution to others you’ve tried. Quite simply — it’s the combination I bring. Perhaps no single element in itself is unusual, but the combination is.

Personality-wise, I am highly intuitive and an idiosyncratic combination of practical hard-tacks with overflowing sensitive empathy. Put those together and it means I truly understand what you mean AND I can interpret a method to navigate you to the next practical step.

Business-wise, my experience is extensive and spans over 40 years. I’ve formed and run my own business, worked in the high adrenaline world of mergers & acquisitions, been a corporate executive at a Fortune 500 company for over ten years, and many iterations in between. Through it all I’ve maintained my common thread of living my Life Purpose. What that means for you is that I’ve experienced the full gamut of work situations and can bring my experience to our session for your specific results.

Life is about integration.

We aren’t work and we aren’t just leisure. We are everything in our life. Who and what we are needs to combine to represent us. That’s living in integrity, and that comes from living in clarity. That’s where my coaching experience comes in. We all have ways we hold ourself back from what we want the most. Using an outside perspective (like myself) is the way to reveal those blocks, transform them, and move forward with increased insight and knowledge.

"Working with Jan has been a joy. She is authentic and a deep listener; attentive to the whole person and the whole life. Jan’s approach is to guide the recognition of themes that have created or contributed to a person’s fulfillment over time – wherever those themes emerge. Her observations are astute, well-timed, and resonant. For me, this process resulted in defining success and creating goals in a way that has staying power. I highly recommend Jan as a career advisor or personal coach."

Legal DirectorLeading Technology Firm

"Jan's the real deal. She operates at the highest level of integrity and commitment while staying real. She's a translator and an interpreter - she has been a guide in uncovering my truth, my mission and helped me take action on my life and my dreams. She has the ability to take your words --or thoughts-- and translate them into what you meant to say, or were thinking."


"Jan became my coach and mentor at a crucial juncture in my life. She offered insight and guidance through a challenging personal and professional period of growth. Her manner of coaching offers perspective that is compassionate and considerate. The considerate piece was particularly useful during the stages of my development. As Jan accompanied on my journey, each recommendation was delivered at the perfect moment. I'm eternally grateful for the sincere investment in my development. Jan is an inspiration with a unique gift for highlighting potential and allowing one to realize potential within."

Jennifer AtherleyProducer