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Leonie Dawson: A Lighthouse, Beautifully Changing the World

By October 4, 2019Life of Purpose

My guest, and new friend, Leonie Dawson, is an international best-selling author and artist. She is also a serial entrepreneur and has built three 7 figure companies. Leonie has been recognized for her business acumen as a finalist for Australian Business Woman of the Year and Ausmumpreneur of the Year.

Leonie is also one of the warmest, most genuine, creative, FUN, women I’ve met. Her art is a joyful reflection of how I imagine she might see the world. 

She lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia with her husband and her two homeschooled daughters.

Before we get into the show, one housekeeping detail: I now have a place for listeners to join…. and I’d love to see you there. I opened a fb group: Incidental Joy Seekers where we discuss topics from the podcast as well as how to create and share joy. 

Just go to to join. 


  • Hear about Leonie’s morning and how she is a morning goddess
  • A little bit about where she lives in Australia and what it’s like
  • We discuss the role of judgement … and expectations
  • The gift of simplicity
  • Charlie and Colette share a few moments with us
  • Her first attempts at changing the world 
  • Her road to become the Prime Minister of Australia
  • Sensitivity in the workplace — and what Leonie finds necessary to keep her equilibrium
  • The intertwined practice of art and writing in Leonie’s journals
  • What drove Leonie to share her work (hint: connection is key)
  • Leonie’s creative routine and practices
  • Leonie’s vulnerability in life and art and business
  • Her goal in business and art
  • We discuss swearing — from a nationality and spirituality perspective. We have many ideas about this topic.
  • Mermaids! what they mean to Leonie, her art, and her life. 
  • The integration of spirituality, the role and evolution in Leonie’s life
  • Depression, inner critics, and break through
  • Leonie’s beautiful words about her inner cheerleader and her teenage years
  • Leonie’s future vision
  • And so much more


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