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A Conversation with Angelique l’Amour: Lifting Others Up through Words and Actions

By September 1, 2018May 1st, 2019Life of Purpose

A Conversation with Angelique l’Amour: Lifting Others Up through Words and Actions

Angelique L’Amour is the daughter of author Louis L’Amour, and like her father, she is a prolific writer dedicated to her craft. She wrote her first piece at age 4.  Along her writing journey, she made a successful detour in the film industry, acting on film and stage.

A cancer diagnosis in 2009 led to her series of positive, practical “Girlfriend’s Guides to Cancer”.  She now dedicates substantial time to advocacy and awareness efforts. Angeligue combines her gift into a combination of grace, humor, positivity, gratitude, and practicality. She lends her unique ability and helps others bring their stories to life, having created a Creative Writing program where she nurtures writers as an Author Coach.

Join us on a positive journey through an interesting and intentional life.


  • A daughter first: life as the daughter of the famed writer Louis L’Amour. His habits as a writer, as a storyteller and the routines of a researcher’s family
  • Formative influences (other than her dad) in Angelique’s life
  • Angelique’s first piece of writing — it was at age 4.
  • What her creative process looks like
  • Writer’s Block — is it real?
  • We talk about fear. What is it? What can you do about it?
  • Angelique’s cancer diagnosis in 2009 and how it led to her “girlfriend’s guide” series.
  • Handling the big issues of life: what if I die? What do I do about my kids?
  • Unusual market niches for cancer practicalities
  • The power of support. The decision to remain private or to share information
  • Angelique’s acting career in Los Angeles and the shift to her writing life
  • Creating an intentional life
  • Angelique’s books in the works include a middle grade fiction (mystery), spiritual self help book, and several novels. Stay up-to-date on the status via her website
  • Listen to the end to hear Angelique’s message about perfection and bringing your gift(s) forward.
  • And so much more


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