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Lisa Gibert: Developing and Advancing a Vision

By March 25, 2019May 1st, 2019Life of Purpose

Intro:  Lisa Gibert is the Chief Executive Officer of Clark College Foundation, the fundraising partner of Clark College. In 2018, Lisa was selected as one of the top fundraising leaders in the country by the Council for Advancement as Support of Education (CASE). She received the CASE Commonfund Institutionally Related Foundation Award, one of the fundraising industry’s most prestigious national honors for her 20-year career supporting advancement work at higher education institutions.

Under Lisa’s leadership for the last 13 years, Clark College Foundation’s total assets have increased by $23 million. The scholarship dollars provided to Clark students have trippled and $40 million has been distributed to the college over the 13 years that she has headed the nonprofit organization.

Lisa exemplifies in her work and life how money can be used to make a difference in the world. Listen in and enjoy hearing about her background and her insight!  


  • The distinction between development and fundraising — and how the role of advancement applies to all of us
  • What Lisa does in her current job
  • How Lisa’s varied background led to her current position and how an introvert can be a leader
  • How Lisa learned to treat money and how she taught her children
  • How puzzles can lead to open solutions
  • What is beyond “money” — it’s not (only) about the dollars
  • What hospitality, banking, accounting, and fundraising all have in common (hint: look beyond the dollars — connection and impact in relationships)
  • The motto Lisa uses
  • The foundation of accounting  and the link between the companies Lisa worked with (hint: mission based)
  • Lisa’s atypical route to development and throughout her career == and what she enjoys most in her current role
  • Lisa’s vision for Higher Education with its current value proposition challenges
  • Manufacturing as an example of a new education model
  • Job opportunities in development and degrees available, and what characteristics an individual would need to excel
  • The greatest challenge Lisa finds — and how “she gets to yes”
  • Who Lisa finds inspirational and where she experiences growth
  • The personal side — Lisa’s health challenges, her passions, and how they’ve contributed to who she is
  • The long term view and the three things about Lisa wants us to know
  • And so much more


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