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Open to Faery Magic

By November 18, 2020November 25th, 2020Life of Purpose

with special guest Sheri Perbeck

Ready for some lightness in life? How about opening up to a little magic? 

Sheri Perbeck. angel communicator, psychic, and medium is back to share information with us about the faery realm. And before you dismiss this as silly, consider that “faery” is an old French word that means “supernatural being”. 

Listen in to learn everything from the characteristics of the faeries to how they communicate with us, and then learn how to communicate with them to benefit from their gifts.

Feeling skeptical? Listen in and hear why and how you’re missing out on the magic of creation — and how to turn that skepticism into joyfulness.

Until next time, be well, and stay well.  I hope you enjoy the show. 


  • How Sheri first learned of the faeries
  • The specific faeries that communicate with Sheri
  • Characteristics of the faeries — where they live, color, size, etc.
  • Do faeries have an ego?
  • Are faeries showing themselves more now?
  • How Sheri distinguishes between faery messages and others
  • Faery families
  • Tips and ideas to connect with faeries
  • The difference between angel orbs and faery orbs
  • The faeries’ mission here
  • The state of the planet and how the faeries were impacted then — and what it means for them now
  • Their connection to nature, playfulness, and creativity
  • The three main deities and their characteristics:  Snow Queen, Danu, and Mother Love
  • Sheri’s morning visitation and message of hope
  • And so much more!


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