Mentorship for Emerging Leaders


$500 per month, 6 month minimum
12 month commitment discounted ($5600)

If you are looking for support and guidance, with an impartial but passionate navigator by your side, this service is for you. Mentorship provides help through trust, experience, compassion, and sometimes a strong push to move forward. Limited space available annually.

Mentorship: Dedicated, personalized mentorship, tailored specifically to your needs. 

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This is for you if…

  • You’d like an experienced sounding board
  • You’d like a perspective that extends well beyond what you’ve seen
  • You’re interested in insight that is a result of interpersonal and business experience
  • If you are feeling isolated, confused or stalled in your development

We can change it to this

  • Confidence
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Greater command of your life
  • Expanded insight
  • Clarity Improved problem solving

Coaching vs Mentoring

Are you wondering what’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Although some people use the terms interchangeably, they are different services with distinct relationships. Frequently, both share common goals — most commonly organizational goals. And both share the commitment to the realization of full human potential.


Coaching – Formal, with set agreements and outcome. Coaching with a certified coach follows a specific ethical code that progresses through various competencies the coach must have.

Mentoring – Informal with some fluid agenda.


Coaching – The coach allows the client’s agenda to lead.

Mentoring – The mentor is frequently sharing experience and advice.

Here’s The Logistical Process

Complete the application provided via automatic download after purchasing this service and return it to me. That will provide me with the background I need to come prepared to our meeting. (Please note that there are limited openings for this service annually. However, your application does indicate a commitment of interest and if accepted, you will receive an email from me within 48 hours.)

Once I receive your application and confirm availability for our time together, I will send you an email.

An initial 60 minute session will be held via Skype. Following sessions will last 45 minutes. Please send your Skype connect request to me at jan.bowen7. If you don’t currently a Skype account, download a free account.

What we’ll do together

In six months, your life will look and feel different! This is what you can expect:

 1. Our work will begin with an Assessment

The assessment will evaluate Values, Strengths, and current status of body, mind, emotions and spirit. We’ll do that through a variety of assessments, utilizing my certifications in Neuro-linguistic programming as well as experience and certification as a certified life and executive coach.

2. Then we start the Mentorship

You’ll have shared a bit of yourself with me so I can help you move forward in your dreams and goals. I’ll use my extensive corporate executive experience and certified coaching together and serve as a trusted confidante.

I will:

  • offer an outside perspective
  • be a confidential sounding board
  • help by sharing my experience — both highs and lows
  • provide unwavering support
  • be honest and constructive with feedback
  • help you with decision-making by encouraging you to consider which options provide your full opportunity for potential, not just possibility
  • provide resources, knowledge, and tools

My service isn’t

counseling (counseling is a therapeutic technique for individuals unable to fully function, and therefore in need of healing)

technical advice (when possible, I will provide resources)

Most of all, my role won’t take accountability, responsibility, or success away from you! This is about YOU. I have the honor of being the Catalyst at your side. You remain in the driver’s seat.

The service includes:

  • 1 bi-weekly mentorship session  (45 minutes), initial Assessments, availability through email, ongoing support and resources


  • $700 per month, 6 month minimum
  • 12 month commitment discounted ($7800)

Optional services available:

Physical assessment using biomechanical approach from Balanced Body Pilates & Integrative Yoga Therapeutics

Curious, but not convinced you need a mentor? Take a look at this article from Inc Magazine.


Why I can make a difference for you

If my bio and website information doesn’t quite convince you that I can be the best person to partner with on your journey forward, let me explain why I may be a different solution to others you’ve tried. Quite simply — it’s the combination I bring. Not one thing in itself is unusual, but the combination is.

Personality-wise, I am highly intuitive and an idiosyncratic combination of practical hard-tacks with overflowing sensitive empathy.  Put those together and it means I truly understand what you mean AND I can interpret a method to navigate you to the next practical step.

Business-wise, my experience is extensive and spans over 40 years. I’ve formed and run my own business, worked in the high adrenaline world of mergers & acquisitions, been a corporate executive at a Fortune 500 company for over ten years, and many iterations in between. Through it all I’ve maintained my common thread of living my Life Purpose. What that means for you is that I’ve experienced the full gamut of work situations and can bring my experience to our sessions to help you.

Life is about integration. We aren’t work and we aren’t just leisure. We are everything in our life. Who and what we are needs to combine to represent us. That’s living in integrity, and that comes from living in clarity.

Alignment is pulling all the tools, solutions, and strengths together. Let’s bring all those elements, with your personal strengths and values to their most powerful edge. Let’s move forward and center your intentions with focus.

"Jan helped me work on a step by step process on what I wanted to accomplish in my life, and kept me firmly on track when I went off to the sidelines. I had no idea what to expect before working with Jan, but she helped me achieve what I wanted. She is very genuine in her desire to assist in the process of getting you to your goals."

Rick M.

"At the heart of Jan Bowen's success are incredible listening skills that enable her to intuit exactly what people are thinking and feeling. Those listening skills, coupled with a keenly analytical mind and uncommon empathy, make her a reliable observer of human behavior and a great coach."

John HigginsPrivate Equity Communications and Strategy Advisor

"Jan is wise beyond her words. Somehow she brings concepts to a practical place so I can use them. And she's so enjoyable!"

Ann M.

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