Transitional Business Coaching for Emerging Leaders


$275 per month, 6 month minimum
12 month commitment discounted ($3000)

Do you already have your plan in place and are moving along “fine” but could use a boost of inspiration, motivation, help, and tools from time to time? Facilitator Business Coaching Service provides unlimited encouragement and inspiration combined with specific check-ins and resources monthly. Limited space available quarterly.

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This is for you if

  • you already have your plan firmly in place but need help making it happen
  • want tools to stay on your plan
  • could use moral support, inspiration, accountability, or motivation to keep you on the path forward

This is IDEAL if you are

  • a solopreneur wanting support
  • transitioning from a part time passion project to a full time endeavor

But it’s not the best fit if you’re

  • looking for SEO and metrics
  • online branding
  • content management

This is coaching from a certified coach with extensive corporate executive experience, not technical analysis.

If you’re feeling a little

  • Brain fog
  • Confusion
  • Motivated in bits and starts
  • Inertia & overwhelm
  • Procrastination & resistance
  • Discouragement when progress is stalled
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of self-esteem

We can change it to this!

  • Progress
  • Confidence
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Energy
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Motivation

and all of that leads to:

MORE – joy, creativity, presence, effectiveness, focus, and fulfillment

Focus your mind on the greatest outcome

This program isn’t a great fit for you if

  • you are in a highly creative state and figuring out your idea (you may prefer my Clarity Session for a bit of help)
  • You want intensive strategic work (take a look at my Navigator Strategy Session instead)

You would LOVE to have someone by your side 24/7 (I understand! take a look at my Catalyst Coaching Service — your wish is my command!)

Here’s The Logistical Process

Complete the application provided via automatic download after purchasing this service and return it to me. That will provide me with the background to provide you with the resources best suited to your specific needs.

Why THIS program will work

Sometimes all you need is to know HOW to do something. Sometimes you need an accountability partner. And sometimes, you need both. This program provides both — the HOW and the accountability. (You do already know your why, don’t you? If not, you may be interested in reading more here or in my free book.)

What we’ll do together

In six months, your life will look different! These are the steps we’ll take together:

1.  Each month we’ll meet virtually via Zoom or Skype for 30 minutes.

Our time will be structured to best serve your needs and your Plan. We’ll discuss your progress, any challenges you’re experiencing, strategies to move through habitual patterns that stall you, and approach next steps. By the conclusion of our meeting, you’ll gain confidence in your direction and be eager to tackle the next step on your list.

2.  You’ll receive weekly emails from me, personalized to your Plan and your goals.

These emails are not standardized responses. They’re written for you specifically. Some potential areas they may focus on include:

  • How you are applying your values and strengths to your Plan
  • Current vision and dreams in relation to your progress
  • Existing strategies and their effectiveness

3.  Resources

On an ongoing basis, you’ll receive resources from me to support you both professionally and personally. These may include Worksheets, ebooks, cards, videos, and various downloads and classes.


  • $275 /month
  • 6 month minimum
  • Discounted for annual commitment ($3000 total)

Why I can make a difference for you

If my bio and website information doesn’t quite convince you that I can be the best person to partner with on your journey forward, let me explain why I may be a different solution to others you’ve tried. Quite simply — it’s the combination I bring. Not one thing in itself is unusual, but the combination is.

Personality-wise, I am highly intuitive and an idiosyncratic combination of practical hard-tacks with overflowing sensitive empathy.  Put those together and it means I truly understand what you mean AND I can interpret a method to navigate you to the next practical step.

Business-wise, my experience is extensive and spans over 40 years. I’ve formed and run my own business, worked in the high adrenaline world of mergers & acquisitions, been a corporate executive at a Fortune 500 company for over ten years, and many iterations in between. Through it all I’ve maintained my common thread of living my Life Purpose. What that means for you is that I’ve experienced the full gamut of work situations and can bring my experience to our sessions to help you.

Life is about integration. We aren’t work and we aren’t just leisure. We are everything in our life. Who and what we are needs to combine to represent us. That’s living in integrity, and that comes from living in clarity.

Alignment is pulling all the tools, solutions, and strengths together. Let’s bring all those elements, with your personal strengths and values to their most powerful edge. Let’s move forward and center your intentions with focus.

"Jan helped me work on a step by step process on what I wanted to accomplish in my life, and kept me firmly on track when I went off to the sidelines. I had no idea what to expect before working with Jan, but she helped me achieve what I wanted. She is very genuine in her desire to assist in the process of getting you to your goals."

Rick M.

"Jan's the real deal. She operates at the highest level of integrity and commitment while staying real. She's a translator and an interpreter - she has been a guide in uncovering my truth, my mission and helped me take action on my life and my dreams. She has the ability to take your words --or thoughts-- and translate them into what you meant to say, or were thinking."


"Jan is wise beyond her words. Somehow she brings concepts to a practical place so I can use them. And she's so enjoyable!"

Ann M.

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