Transformation Coaching


$1000 per month, 6 month minimum
12 month commitment discounted ($11,000)

Are you ready to commit to yourself — to become even more brilliant than you already are?

I think the world is full of amazing people – like you – who know they are capable of doing yet more, and burning to do just that. If you have had that desire burning in your soul, Transformation Coaching can bring you the clarity you need to move forward to completion. This is my most exclusive — and favorite — service. Limited space available annually.

Catalyst Coaching Services: Dedicated, personalized service, tailored specifically to your needs. This is for you.

My favorite service offering. We get to tailor a program that fits you — and only you — down to the very last detail.

We’ll take a look at where you are & where you want to go, where you’re stuck & get unstuck, develop strategies, and create a plan to support you

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This is for you if…

  • You know you have something big in life calling to you, but don’t know what
  • You are going through a big change & progress has stalled
  • You wonder what happened to your initial enthusiasm and motivation
  • You know what you want but then your desires get siderailed by anything and everyone else
  • You start out… but get confused
  • You know you have a dream to fulfill.. And just can’t get it done
  • You outgrew your own skin
  • You don’t know what your life is
  • Your results don’t match your efforts
  • You start well .. but don’t finish in the direction you’re going
  • You compare your progress to others’
  • You’re overwhelmed and disheartened
  • You’d just like a little support because you know you can do this!

If you are feeling any of this:

  • Brain fog
  • Confusion
  • Motivated in bits and starts
  • Inertia & overwhelm
  • Procrastination & resistance
  • Discouragement when progress is stalled
  • Result — give up on dream/goal/commitment
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of self-esteem

We will change it to this:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Greater Productivity
  • Breakthrough
  • Specific plan to get to a further step
  • Confidence
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Expanded insight
  • Clarity –on your self, on your blocks, on your purpose, and on the how to move forward
  • Motivation to move forward
  • Written Template of Alignment to support personal structure
  • MORE – joy, creativity, presence, effectiveness, focus, and fulfillment
  • Reawaken your relationship to your truer heart’s desires
  • Ability to articulate what is important to you
  • Live with more compassion for yourself
  • Drama-free life
  • Transform the sneaky draining habits
  • Focus your mind on the greatest outcome
  • Experience a lasting shift in your perceptions of what you can build and have in your life

Why THIS program will work

No doubt you’ve probably already made other efforts. No question you already know a lot. It’s time to get the answers you are looking for!

  • this program is about YOU and nobody else
  • each step of the plan requires using your personal preferences to tailor the responses

Here’s The Logistical Process

Complete the application provided via automatic download after purchasing this service and return it to me. That will provide me with the background I need to come prepared to our meeting. (Please note that there are limited openings for this service annually. However, your application does indicate a commitment of interest and if accepted, you will receive an email from me within 48 hours.)

Once I receive your application and confirm availability for our time together, I will send you an email.

An initial 90 minute session will be held via Skype. Following sessions will last 60 minutes. Please send your Skype connect request to me at jan.bowen7. If you don’t currently a Skype account, download a free account.

What we’ll do together

In six months, your life will look different! These are the steps we’ll take together:

1.  Our work will begin with an Assessment

The assessment will evaluate current status of body, mind, emotions and spirit to determine what is working for you, what elements are static, and which are blocking. We’ll do that through mental, emotional, and spiritual assessments, utilizing certifications in Neuro-linguistic programming, Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches Enhanced Skill Practitioner, as well as experience and certification as a certified life and executive coach.

2.  Then we start working to Clear the Blocks

We’ll figure out what is holding you back and then develop the action plan to move forward. The areas we’ll focus on include:

  • Understanding yourself and your life purpose
  • Your values and strengths
  • Current vision and dreams
  • Existing strategies
  • Watch your mouth: what language are you using?
  • Building the vision you choose
  • How to create it
3.  Action Plan

The strategies and tools we find effective in not only clearing your blocks but in moving you to the next step will form your Action Plan. You’ll also develop a ToolKit (Template of Alignment) for continued growth and support.

  • We’ll meet via Skype, or if prearranged, in person 2 times per month for 1 hour.
  • You’ll be supported in between those sessions via email.

The reflection and action steps you’ll be taking will catapult you forward.

At the end of our six months together you will have:

  • an awareness of what was formerly holding you back
  • how to move past those blocks
  • strategies to move through habitual patterns that stall you
  • knowledge of your values, strengths, and purpose
  • confidence in your direction
  • an action plan
  • a Toolkit of resources to support you

12 60-minute coaching sessions, initial Assessment via application, worksheets & documents

Price = $6,000

Optional services available:

Physical assessment using biomechanical approach learned in Balanced Body Pilates & Integrative Yoga Therapeutics


Why I can make a difference for you

If my bio and website information didn’t quite convince you that I can help walk you through to the next step, let me explain why I may be a different solution to others you’ve tried. Quite simply — it’s the combination I bring. Not one thing in itself is unusual, but the combination is.

Personality-wise, I am highly intuitive and an idiosyncratic combination of practical hard-tacks with overflowing sensitive empathy. Put those together and it means I truly understand what you mean AND I can interpret a method to navigate you to the next practical step.

Business-wise, my experience is extensive and spans over 40 years. I’ve formed and run my own business, worked in the high adrenaline world of mergers & acquisitions, been a corporate executive at a Fortune 500 company for over ten years, and many iterations in between. Through it all I’ve maintained my common thread of living my Life Purpose. What that means for you is that I’ve experienced the full gamut of work situations and can bring my experience to the session for practical results.

Life is about integration.

We aren’t work and we aren’t just leisure. We are everything in our life. Who and what we are needs to combine to represent us. That’s living in integrity, and that comes from living in clarity.

My tools:

Take a look at my full bio for the formal outline, but I’ll bring my certifications and experience as a life coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, Balanced Body and Integrative Yoga instructor as just one small part of our work together. Pilates and yoga – on Skype? Yes. Body language is a key part of how we communicate, before we even exercise!

Alignment is pulling all the tools, solutions, and strengths together. Let’s bring all those elements, with your personal strengths and values to their most powerful edge. Let’s move forward and center your intentions with focus.

  • All it takes is clarity, tools, and focus.
  • If you’d like a catalyst to help you get your next (or old) idea done,
  • I can help. It would be my pleasure!

I’m looking forward to reading your application, getting to know you, and watching you move your dreams forward!

My clients are seekers, with a desire to articulate their purpose in life with clarity and confidence. I serve as a catalyst, collaborating with them to establish a Template of Alignment, supporting their lives through purpose and focus. Through a variety of structured programs and services, I assist my clients in discovering their perfect solution. We are all here to live our purpose, and clearly identifying and articulating your purpose, is the key to true happiness.

"Jan gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships has transformed my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. Jan’s mentoring continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Jan does not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way, and has proven to be right 100% of the time with her observations, opinions, and suggestions. I believe Jan to be one of the top contributors to the success that I enjoy as a business professional today."

Sue TidswellSenior Vice President, Volt Workforce Solutions

"Jan's the real deal. She operates at the highest level of integrity and commitment while staying real. She's a translator and an interpreter - she has been a guide in uncovering my truth, my mission and helped me take action on my life and my dreams. She has the ability to take your words --or thoughts-- and translate them into what you meant to say, or were thinking."


"Jan is wise beyond her words. Somehow she brings concepts to a practical place so I can use them. And she's so enjoyable!"

Ann M.

"Jan helped me work on a step by step process on what I wanted to accomplish in my life, and kept me firmly on track when I went off to the sidelines. I had no idea what to expect before working with Jan, but she helped me achieve what I wanted. She is very genuine in her desire to assist in the process of getting you to your goals."

Rick M.

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