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Jan Bowen: Answering Questions on Intuition

By May 31, 2019Life of Purpose

Intro: Jan L. Bowen is a certified life and executive coach, thought leader, keynote speaker, author, writer, studier of intuition, animal-lover, dancer, and dear friend to many. Though she has various degrees and certifications, what stands out about Jan most of all is her ability to genuinely connect with others.

Jan founded Strategic Solutions Services, LLC in 2003 and published her first book, It’s Not That Complicated, in 2015. Jan connected with Jess Tholmer shortly after and they have worked together ever since. In their second interview together, Jess asks Jan questions about intuition, largely inspired by our community on social media. Jan’s course on intuition, How to Hear What You Know, was launched in 2017. The course is an invitation and encouragement to form a personal relationship with your intuition, as is this interview.

Join our conversation.


  • Consider what is intuition?
  • Does everyone have intuition?  
  • Are we all born with intuition?
  • Is our intuition lost if we don’t nurture it?
  • A bit of Jan’s history with intuition and how she became so interested in learning about it
  • Jan’s perspective on the difference between emotions and intuition
  • How does one know if they have intuition?
  • Jan offers some advice on first steps toward getting in touch with your own intuition
  • How Jan talks to her intuition, and how other people can do the same
  • A discussion about the different life events that can affect intuition
  • Learning how to trust your intuition
  • Age restrictions (or lack thereof) around intuition
  • A brief glimpse into a potential future conversation in regards to intuitiveness vs. psychic ability


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