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A Conversation with Dr. Carmen Landrau: Saving Lives via Medicine and Beyond

By July 2, 2018May 1st, 2019Life of Purpose

Dr. Carmen Landrau: Saving Lives via Medicine and Beyond

Intro: Dr. Carmen Landrau is a board-certified physician specializing as a cardiologist. She is also a prominent professional speaker, using her experience, knowledge, and inner commitment to empower women.

In both fields she is making a difference saving lives. In her medical practice she literally saves lives, working with a predominantly older population. In her speaking career she heals hearts metaphorically, encouraging women to recognize their talents and acknowledge their achievements.

Join me in a heart-fueled conversation with Dr. Landrau who shares her path in living a life of purpose.


      • How Dr. Landrau’s desire to be a scientist as a young girl led to her path as a cardiologist today
      • What is simple to us may not be as obvious to others and may in fact be a key to our gifts. Dr. Landrau discusses how “let your passion find you” helped her on her path. She shares also what she “cheated on” en route to her speaking career (hint:  it’s related to her work in medicine)
      • The omnipresent role of empowerment in Dr. Landrau’s life
      • Dr. Landrau discusses her speaking career and how her work as a cardiologist evolved into prominent speaking roles
      • Her initial experience speaking and what it led to, including sharpening her skills with speaking programs and coaching (see link below for information on Carol Cox’s programs through her business, Speaking Your Brand)
      • The role and theme of prevention
      • What a “bad day” looks like to Dr. Landrau and why she instead interested in giving up practicing medicine
    • The role of women

— in medicine, in hospitals, and in our culture. How the view of women in her industry led to Dr. Landrau’s mission to empower women

— conditioning women face — those from culture and how they result in our internal conditioning. Including the danger of assumptions

— women and money

      • The benefit obtained from working with an older population
      • Raising children — rewards and responsibilities, including gender bias
      • The originality of building and how language, history, craft, and experience combine uniquely
      • Specific ways public speaking can change lives
      • Influencers in Dr. Landrau’s life beginning with her mother and continuing with other strong women.
      • Aristocrats. Yes, that’s right. We discuss aristocrats.
      • Next steps for Dr. Landrau
      • Listen to the end for Dr. Landrau’s messages to younger and mature women.
    • And so much more


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