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A Conversation with Jason Scoppa: Using a Framework of Health

By June 1, 2018April 30th, 2019Life of Purpose

Jason Scoppa, DC, CSCP, CCSP: Using a Framework of Health

There is so much more to this month’s guest than his impressive professional credentials, but let’s start with those. Dr. Jason Scoppa is the only certified craniopath (CSCP) in Washington state and the only doctor in Washington certified in Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT). He holds post-graudate certi-fications in Sports Medicine (CCSP), and has taken a great amount of course work in the areas of TMJ and TMJD (the jaw), concussion recovery, blood chemistry analysis, the management of hyper mobil-ity disorders, and pediatric chiropractic.
Beyond his credentials, Dr. Scoppa is an example of living a purposeful life through the way in which he has developed his practice and his life. A combination of expertise, knowledge, dedication, innova-tion and humility — meet Dr. Scoppa.
• How the various steps on Dr. Scoppa’s life journey informed each other and led to where he is today, in life and work.
• The role of helpful people along the way
• Some surprising facts about the field of naturopathic medicine and where it is legal and how the United States vary in its applicable regulatory laws
• Changing practices and requirements with chiropractic medicine
• How geographic locations affect people (i.e., patients) and how location can enhance a medi-cal practice
• Changing trends in our health and reasons for those trends, including insight on how a doc-tor can respond to these
• Where I step on a landmine (unknowingly) with a loaded question on the future of chiroprac-tic medicine
• Common traits of Dr. Scoppa’s teachers and what they taught him
• How smart business leads to less stress and better results
• What is on Dr. Scoppa’s future horizon
• How Dr. Scoppa approaches his life work balance
• A few trends in dentistry
• And so much more!

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