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Girl covers her eyes to express joy.

Four Lighthearted Ways to Get Deep Seated Joy — NOW!

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When you have a long list of tasks to accomplish, do you always buckle down and get them done before allowing yourself a moment to relax and/or enjoy anything else? If so … stop doing that! Without moments of joy, life becomes oppressive and difficult … and rather pointless. With joy, life is simply more pleasurable. You get along with others easier, you feel more…

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A couple showing each other kindness.

7 Things Kind People Do That Make Us Adore Them

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Syndicated on Yahoo, November 15, 2015 Have you ever noticed that kind people are also incredibly content in their life? That’s because being kind literally increases our levels of health and happiness. Research shows this impacts our relationships positively, as well. Kindness helps keeps couples together. The more your partner is on the receiving end of your goodwill, the more…

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