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Celebrate As If Tomorrow Is A New High

By August 15, 2016January 29th, 2017Private Musings

Life is a wheel. It goes up and it comes down. My last post focused on celebrating the downside. Why not enjoy the ebullient feeling of the upside and hold on to the reminder that life isn’t always a challenge? Celebrate the up side of the wheel with extended abandon and unique style. By adding affordable luxuries to a daily routine, the good times are extended — literally and figuratively.

Why bother?

When we celebrate, we are choosing to take positive action which has many benefits:

  • Positive action builds gratitude and happiness.
  • While we may not control our emotions, we are in control of our reaction to them. Train your brain by choosing a daringly positive action to life’s busyness and put celebration of life ahead of all else as a declaration of self empowerment.
  •  Boldly state the choice of the positive outcome of life. What we focus on expands.
  • Irrespective of any external situation, daily celebrations are statements to make our life  a priority — just by commemorating our role in the world a bit each day. How does life get any better than that?
  • We strengthen our ability to respond with optimism. When we are happy, it is easier to be enthusiastic, also, which fosters warmer relationships.

How? a method to celebrate

One way to embrace joy and is to salute each day intentionally. Honor each day with a specific gesture that delineates it in some way from the routine. For example, for one week (or a month), select one action to pay tribute to the day and to your life.

How can you celebrate exuberantly within your current lifestyle? A reward can often be broken down into an action that reinforces your life in a manner that supports you and the way in which you want to live. Rewards and recognition are important components in self-esteem. Feeling good about ourself is often tied to an external sign, such as another person’s approval or someone purchasing our product or service.

Those rewards and recognitions don’t connect to our inner purpose, however, so after a while lose their impact. When a little external boost is helpful, use your self-knowledge to support your inner growth. Tie your celebrations to reinforce what is meaningful to a purposeful life for you.

Some ideas:

Celebrations need to be personal to be meaningful so be sure to create your own. The following list can get you started thinking. In general, think of what you like without holding yourself back. Next, look at your list. If there are items on it that seem too expensive or time-consuming, consider what experience they give you that you are really seeking. For example, a week at the spa or at the club may not be necessary while taking time for yourself could be what you’re craving.

Do one per day for a week or a month. By then it will have become a habit so why not continue it as a Daily Practice?

  • afternoon nap
  • sleep in
  • lunch with friends at favorite cafe
  • breakfast out
  • day off
  • time spent at favorite “x”
  • watching movies
  • day reading
  • walk or run a different route
  • take a different yoga/Pilates/Cross Fit class
  • do a different meditation
  • meditate
  • swap out your music playlists
  • build a vision board
  • make some Pinterest dream boards
  • reorganize your closet/cupboard/garage
  • write a story
  • write a song
  • paint a picture
  • sculpt an object
  • sit and allow thoughts to enter
  • breathe

Let’s celebrate each day with new intention, honoring the gift presented with each morning! Wholeheartedly embrace joy — make it last! How will you celebrate? I’d love to hear — connect and tell me.



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