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How to Erase Fear and Connect with Yourself Deeply in Coronavirus Isolation

By March 27, 2020Published Articles
coping in isolation

Use this time to connect with yourself.

If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone.

There’s a lot of fear regarding quarantine and isolation, and everyone is learning how to practice healthy social distance in order to help eliminate the spread of this virus.

These are scary times, and it’s no wonder that your mental health may be in decline right now.

It’s a new world.

How many times have we heard that phrase? And how many times has it had a different meaning?

It’s just one example of the power of words and context. It’s another example of the power you have to take control of emotion and yourself.

You may not have control over world events that include a virus challenging the scientific, medical, and political communities. You may not have control over how individuals in those communities respond.

But you do have power over your response.

And your personal power is never insignificant, no matter how small your action.

Since the coronavirus began, the irony of it is overwhelming. At a time when global society is in dire need of connection, a virus — unseen by human eyes — is keeping us physically distanced from each other.

The comfort many seek at times of crises in community, faith, social gatherings, communal food, etc., is also on lockdown.

Isolation at time of global depression and anxiety obviously won’t be the answer to bring us closer. What will?

Go within. Simplify. Clarify.

When mandated to isolate, your choices are limited. You simplify the options, and the answers often become clearer.

Before you can offer much value to others in any of your relationships, you need to measure up to something of value ourselves. This global situation is your grand opportunity to go within.

Perhaps collectively, you resisted opportunities to develop your inner qualities in lieu of “group think” via social media. Maybe it was easier to gather with friends and take their advice before considering what was best for yourself.

Whatever may have happened in the past is somewhat irrelevant now. You have a new slate to use time — and technology — in a different way.

What brings connection?

How can you connect with another, despite physical distance and sometimes a bit of discord, or even anarchy? How can you find that common ground and reach a mutual point of connection?

You find it through shared values. It’s that simple. Perhaps it’s the value of respect, or kindness, or family. It could be well-being, creativity, or lifelong learning. There are countless values we all have.

You discover the values you share through conversation. Ask a question. Be willing to have a dialogue.

The only requirement is a willingness to stay open and hear what the other person is saying, without projecting what you want to hear.

Right now, look at this time as a gift.

You have time. What will you do with it?

Despite the raging speed of a virus, does the phrase, “I’m too busy” honestly have the same impact it did 30 days ago? With the exception of medical professionals and related fields, it would be hard to say that it does.

You have time to go within and learn what and who you truly are. While you’re still here, to acknowledge that you’ve been given this life!

As you learn who you are, you have time to be your truest self — your best self — without the excuse of being “too busy.” You can bring back the quality of being thoughtful and reaching out to friends.

You can use this time to create. It’s time to become more of your full identity. To develop into more of what your full human potential is.

In essence, it’s time to grow up — to take full responsibility for yourself, each other, and the planet you live on. There’s now time to do this.

It’s a new world. It’s up to each of us what it becomes. Let’s make it a healthy, thriving one.

Published on YourTango March 2020.

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