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Jan L Bowen is a values-based global life balance coach doing transformational work. Her programs provide the potential for personal and professional empowerment.

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Assisting You in the Alignment of Your Intentions


Are you in a life-shifting transition seeking clarity and purpose in either your personal or professional life — maybe, both?

Or are you looking for sustained encouragement, motivation, and inspiration because sometimes life isn’t meant to be handled solo?

Life has many twists and turns. If you’re in a place where you could use support — or maybe just a little encouragement and inspiration while you move through life transitions, I can help.



Welcome to your new future of clarity, purpose, joy, and alignment — should you choose to accept it! Coaching and the process it entails offers a path of self-growth and development.


from a certified coach?

It’s a deep engagement of partnering between client and coach in a thought-provoking and creative process. The process itself is designed to bring forth the client’s potential.

Both the potential and the responsibility are within the client. The coach’s role is to discover, clarify, and encourage what the client isn’t yet able to see within themselves.

Chemistry and commitment on both sides are crucial. When it’s a good fit it can feel like magic. The truth is, it’s all part of how we as humans are designed to evolve. So let’s do this — together!

I consider coaching a calling and treat it as such. You can read my thoughts on the topic HERE. After all, if you choose to entrust me with confidences of your life, heart, and perhaps even soul, wouldn’t you expect that I would honor you with the same regard in return?

Life balance — wondering what it is but wanting it? I consider balance the state of equilibrium rather than the practice of juggling.  My approach to coaching is to assist you in returning you to your core values so you can (re)align and balance to your personal equilibrium. You may be interested in my article on life balance HERE.

Here are some ways I can help…

"Working with Jan has been a joy. She is authentic and a deep listener; attentive to the whole person and the whole life. Jan’s approach is to guide the recognition of themes that have created or contributed to a person’s fulfillment over time – wherever those themes emerge. Her observations are astute, well-timed, and resonant. For me, this process resulted in defining success and creating goals in a way that has staying power. I highly recommend Jan as a career advisor or personal coach."

Legal DirectorTop Technology Firm, Bay Area

"It is not an exaggeration to say Jan changed my life. After I started working with her I got a lifetime stellar toolbox. She is wise, inspiring and a real transformer."

N E.

"Jan’s ability to see the big picture, coupled with her keen insights into organizational dynamics, enabled her to lead and execute thought leadership initiatives that differentiated her company from wannabe competitors. This kind of true strategy produced meaningful financial results, and it was fun to be a part of the action."

Private Equity Media ExecutiveNew York/London

"Working with Jan has been pivotal in my development as a business owner. I have learned how to clarify my intentions and proactively approach business as a series of meaningful steps. Through our discussions and guided visualizations, I am able to define the particulars of my goal from a calm, centered point of view. Her work is honest, radiant and eloquent. She is a priceless resource for anyone who has a dream to achieve."

Wyn PottratzFilmmaker, Choreographer, & Business Owner

Which package is right for you?

None of the offerings quite right … but almost?
Let’s talk and figure it out.

Get Clarity Fast


Are you looking for peace of mind and confidence to move forward on an issue? This is for you.

In 30 minutes, you and I will talk directly about what is holding you back. And then, we’ll not only figure out the most powerful way through it, we’ll come up with an Action Plan.

All that in 30 minutes? Yes!



This Readiness Quiz is a fun way to clue you into the mindset you need to move forward.