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How to Surrender & Actually Hear Your Body’s Amazing Wisdom

By February 15, 2018September 15th, 2020Private Musings
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After many decades of actively developing my intuition, it still astounds me. I am repeatedly amazed by how omnipresent it is in the world — how completely universal and accessible to everyone — and how many options we have in which to take advantage of its wisdom. And by how amazing our body’s wisdom is. As the physical home in which we all live it contains amazing information from which to learn and benefit.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable traits of intuition is its ability to be consistently present regardless of whether we hear it. It’s always there, waiting — a universal call, connecting each of us.

Omnipresent Connections, Unrealized

As part of my physical movement practice, I take a long-standing Pilates class taught by an advanced instructor well-versed in not only body mechanics but also myriad related disciplines. She uses a somatic approach in her teaching. We share a perspective of Pilates as a tool for awareness, integration, and change.

This year she’s chosen bi-weekly themes in which we focus our class sessions. So for two weeks, we’ll concentrate on an area of the body (e.g., hips, chest, etc.).

During the week of the Full Moon-Super Moon-Blue Moon full Lunar Eclipse in Leo, we began working on chest. (If you’re wondering where I’m going with this, stay with me.)  Our class has nothing to do with astrology. That stellar event, though, was acknowledged by most of the population, regardless of astrological leanings.

If you aren’t aware, in the ancient history of medical astrology, each zodiac sign corresponds with a various body part. Leo rules the chest (or in contemporary texts is often listed as the heart).  As the astrology of the eclipse focused on heart-centered insight, our Pilates class worked the chest area for expansion and strengthening.

In February, we began working with hips. In somatic practice, hips correspond to relationships. February — the month of relationships, of love, of Valentine’s Day! Surely, she chose these deliberately? Having the extensive background she does, I assumed she’d cleverly crafted the combinations.

Quietly amused by the pairings she’d made, I’d go through class silently observing and appreciating the alignment of theme and timing, the synchronicities visible in our collective world. Finally I asked if she was choosing them deliberately. She wasn’t. We laughed, understanding the beautiful and profound thread that connects us effortlessly.


It took no effort for me to benefit from her weaving the threads together. Just as it took no additional effort for her.

What it asked from both of us was to surrender to the task we had in front of us, and listen to the moment. For my teacher, it came as she crafted her lessons. She didn’t need to pull out astrological charts or other calendars. Nor did she need to force efforts to be extraordinarily clever.

She yielded to creating. As she created her lessons, the pieces that were already present fell into the intended place.

Her lesson plans were in perfect alignment with what needed to be taught at that time.

For me, I didn’t need to research what I might need to do for my class session. I simply needed to put my attention on the class work.

Insight occurred as I followed the instruction and went through my movement. When I observed my body’s response and answered it with further action, my thoughts were then free to take in additional information.

The Body’s Wisdom

Our bodies contain infinite wisdom, as does our environment, other people, language — the entire environment and universe that surrounds us. Our body, though, is our most immediate and intimate home. It is speaking to us constantly while it simultaneously responds to external input. What a fine tuned machine we have at our disposal!

When we surrender to it, we begin to hear it.

Once we begin to hear our body’s messages to us, we then become more adept at observing it picking up on other information around us.

Imagine What It’s Like

Synchronicities are everywhere.  Which means if we pay attention we will notice them. That’s all it takes. It really is that simple.

  • Just surrender to the moment.
  • Focus on your task.
  • Listen.
  • Respond.

If that invisible thread that connects us has power when we are unaware of it, just imagine what it’s like when you tap into it with intention! Why  not surrender to it and invite it?

We truly are one world, connected, with a vast intelligence to aid us. And you can tap into it simply by surrendering to your inner wisdom!

If you’d like support developing your ability to hear your inner wisdom, including how to specifically tune into your body’s wisdom, my course on intuition is now available. How to Hear What You Know:  A Course on Developing Your Intuition to Practically Guide You Through Life is an on-line program with lessons consisting of videos, worksheets, and more. At completion, you are supported in your intuitive development through an online community hosted by me with ongoing resources and information. The lessons cover how to listen to your body.  Find more details here.

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