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Living an Intuitive Life

By September 16, 2016March 13th, 2018Private Musings
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What does it mean to live an intuitive life?

Very simply, it means allowing your intuition to guide you through life. It doesn’t guarantee a simple life, or a perfect life, or all your dreams-come-true. But it does bring peace of mind, fulfillment, deep joy, freedom from anxiety, and a conviction of purpose. And those are qualities we all say we want in life.

What does it take?

Living an intuitive life takes tuning in to the voice within you and listening to what you already know. It gives much more than it takes, but it does ask for being clear enough to hear the inner voice of wisdom within you.

You’ve no doubt experienced intuitive insights many times without effort and will again. Living an intuitive life is making a you are commitment to stay clear enough to hear that quiet inner voice at all times.

What does it take? It takes trust. It takes commitment, trust in yourself, and listening to your inner voice.

What prevents it?

The fast pace of life can drown out our inner wisdom.  Busy schedules, distractions, high stress periods of time, noise, negativity, media overwhelm, too much clutter — all can suffocate the inner messages waiting for us. And those are only the external blocks to our intuition.

We also deflect hearing the voice within through our emotions, primarily when we’re afraid or doubtful. When we lack confidence or self-esteem in the information we’re getting or question where it’s coming from, we shut down the ability to both hear it and benefit from it.

Conversely, if we accept the existence of our inner voice but have preconceived notions on how it will appear or what type of communication we will have, we’ll repel it also. Attachment to outcome of events impedes it as well.

Intuition just doesn’t work that way with any type of constriction. Thinking you are living an intuitive life when you hold high expectations of outcome is an attempt at manipulation. Manipulation is the opposite of intuition.

Intuition flows with the changes in life, providing us with useful and helpful information on how best to navigate. That is why it can be a tool that provides such tremendous peace of mind and relief from anxiety. The ease of the way in which it works, and from which the information comes to us is reassuring.

Clearing the Blocks and Getting to Commitment

Erasing the blocks mentioned above, and clearing the slate to allow quiet open spaces is all it takes for your intuition to open. In this article I’ve written specific approaches and techniques that open up intuition. Do those routinely in the form of Daily Practices, with commitment, and you will be on your way to living an intuitive life.

If you’d like support developing your ability to hear your inner wisdom, my course on intuition is now available. How to Hear What You Know:  A Course on Developing Your Intuition to Practically Guide You Through Life is an on-line program with lessons consisting of videos, worksheets, and more. At completion, you are supported in your intuitive development through an online community hosted by me with ongoing resources and information. Find more details here.

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