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A Conversation with Lesley Jane Seymour: Making a Difference by Helping Women

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 Lesley Jane Seymour: Making a Difference by Helping Women My guest today is Lesley Jane Seymour.  Many of you may know her from her acclaimed career in magazine publishing, where she established herself as one of the industry’s  — if not one of our culture’s — most respected leaders. Her experience in the media industry began early.  Before her…

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Bonus Episode: Life of Purpose Charla Miller

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Recently, I had an opportunity to be with Charla Miller at her home in Boise, Idaho and catch up with her since we first spoke in over six months ago. Watch our conversation and listen to what’s happened since her book, Wonder and Beauty: My Journey from Heartbreak to Healing through the Wonder of Horses, was published.  Since then she’s…

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When Friendship Fails: How To Move On

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Friends share our happiness, pain, success, and hard times, making those experiences much richer. But over time it is easy to get casual over who we travel through life. Life is about growing through our experiences and becoming a better person. The people around us need to support that growth or the friendship fails. There is a beautiful synchronicity to…

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