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A Conversation with Lesley Jane Seymour: Making a Difference by Helping Women

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 Lesley Jane Seymour: Making a Difference by Helping Women My guest today is Lesley Jane Seymour.  Many of you may know her from her acclaimed career in magazine publishing, where she established herself as one of the industry’s  — if not one of our culture’s — most respected leaders. Her experience in the media industry began early.  Before her…

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A day in the life accompanied by Albert Einstein.

My Imaginary Friends and Their Purpose in Our Lives

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Don't misunderstand -- I have real friends, too, but since I was very young (8 or 9 years old), I've had a team of imaginary friends with whom I conversed with routinely. Some you probably wouldn't know. But others, I'm fairly confident you would know. My imaginary pals include Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Teilhard de Chardin, Aldous Huxley, and Buckminster...
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When friendships fade header image

When Friendship Fails: How To Move On

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Friends share our happiness, pain, success, and hard times, making those experiences much richer. But over time it is easy to get casual over who we travel through life. Life is about growing through our experiences and becoming a better person. The people around us need to support that growth or the friendship fails. There is a beautiful synchronicity to…

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authentic voice, rabbit

Find Your Voice — Within

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When you have extremely original ideas, do you sometimes find it difficult to find support -- even from your most loyal friends? Do they leave you on the sidelines at times, rather than cheer you on when you speak up with your authentic voice? To find answers and strength, when our friends are missing -- go within. We sometimes look...
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qualities of a good friend article cover

Qualities of a Good Friend

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Do you ever meet someone likeable and wonder "but would they make a good friend?" When we go through life with an open heart, it’s easy to accept people into our world, and to include them as our friends.  As the world gets more complex, my tendency is to open my heart more to engage in the straightforward acts that...
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