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How to Hurt and Still Thrive in Life

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How have you been feeling lately? Regardless of where you live and work, events in our world  impact us all. For as much good as there is in the world, we are also experiencing massive amounts of pain. Unless you’ve been someplace that has kept you completely isolated, chances are you’ve heard of at least one current world event that…

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Celebrate As If Tomorrow Is A New High

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Life is a wheel. It goes up and it comes down. My last post focused on celebrating the downside. Why not enjoy the ebullient feeling of the upside and hold on to the reminder that life isn’t always a challenge? Celebrate the up side of the wheel with extended abandon and unique style. By adding affordable luxuries to a daily…

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When friendships fade header image

When Friendship Fails: How To Move On

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Friends share our happiness, pain, success, and hard times, making those experiences much richer. But over time it is easy to get casual over who we travel through life. Life is about growing through our experiences and becoming a better person. The people around us need to support that growth or the friendship fails. There is a beautiful synchronicity to…

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