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Revealing the Gift Within Our Shadow

By January 22, 2017March 8th, 2018Private Musings
Revealing the gift within our shadow header with kid standing on the sand and he shadow on the ground.

Wherever there is light, there is shadow. While the beneficial aspects of light that allow us to see are immediately obvious, we sometimes have to probe to discover the gifts within the shadows — both literally and figuratively. The celebrated Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, created the term that describes both the aspects of human nature that are hidden from us and those that are perhaps the less attractive parts of us. The more we deny these unfortunate bits, such as anger or jealousy, the larger they loom — not unlike the monster shadows in a child’s nightmare.

Light literally illuminates so that we can see. Yet the hidden depths of the shadow offer at least one gift.  By recognizing it rather than repressing it, we have the opportunity to heal and incorporate it. As we do that, we become whole. As human beings with the potential to fully develop consciousness, we continue to learn and become a combination of both darkness and light. We become a better person.

We also have an invitation within the shadow to create something from darkness which is literally the unknown. It’s previously been hidden from us. As we integrate that part of our consciousness it is just possible the result will manifest into an even brighter result than that with which we started.

The essence of personal power can be described in this way: when we understand ourself completely — owning our values, accepting our strengths and incorporating our shadow. Human nature evolves as we each individually learn to heal ourselves and incorporate our shadows to then form fuller relationships together.

As we individually have become better, we are then able to forge deeper bonds and collectively we have a new ability for change. We evolve into a better human form — one based on values of honesty, integrity and authenticity while maintaining our individuality.

Einstein was no stranger to light and shadow. If we focus our attention on his professional work alone, he developed the Quantum Theory of Light, proposing that light was composed of photons. This theory also included the explanation of emission of electrons, the photoelectric effect. Einstein’s Quantum Theory of Light eventually led to the invention of television.

By his own admission, his one regret was the atomic bomb his Manhattan Project created and the letter he signed in support to President Roosevelt. Einstein was committed to peace and civil rights. He was an ardent pacifist.

An atomic bomb casts a large shadow by any measure. How to find a gift within that? Einstein saw the gift as keeping the power from Hitler and sure annihilation. Although there are many I have no knowledge of, the one that strikes me is the ability this genius had to marshal tremendous financial and scientific support in order to create the bomb. It also began the time period when the Allies entered WWII. Not being a war strategist, I can’t say, but perhaps Einstein played a role in hastening the end of the war rather than escalating the risk of obliteration. These are great gifts indeed.

It isn’t always possible to undo actions just as we can’t remove shadows. We can just shine more light. As we let more light in we become more whole in the process.


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