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Even if your words are forgive, their impact is permanent quote.

Even If Your Words Are Forgiven, Their Impact Is Permanent

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Just seeing a negative word for ONE second makes us more anxious or depressed! Ever wonder why you tune out certain people when they speak, even though they seem to be saying a message you would want to hear somewhere else? Chances are, it’s the words they’re using. Words — those combinations of vowels and consonants — have innate power we can’t help...
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well-liked women

4 Traits Well-Liked Women Have That Make People Just ADORE Them!

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You just WANT to be around them. Ever notice how some women have a charisma that draws others to them? Everything they do is attractive and everyone simply adores them? What's their secret? Whether these women 'wow' people intentionally or not, there are definite similarities in their everyday behaviors. After seeing this list, it's pretty easy to see why they're so hard to resist! 1. They're just ...  real! ...
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Accountability header with hands covered in sand.

How Accountability Leads to Success

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When we aspire to career success, we typically set our sights on external factors. We establish our goals, determine a strategy, and map out the tasks. If our objective is to develop leadership qualities we frequently look within to our strengths, capabilities, knowledge, and skills. The quickest way to overall success is taking control of the entire process through accountability....
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