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Let go of being powerful to embrace your life purpose.

Do You Really Need to Be Powerful All the Time?

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Let go of being powerful all the time to embrace your life purpose.  Leave room for wonder, beauty, and the spaces in between. The Powerful Life Purpose Are you on a relentless, full speed productivity schedule? Do you love being organized, too? The sense of accomplishment that results from attaining your goals not only makes you feel good it keeps…

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leave a legacy

This Is How to Leave an Inspirational Legacy

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Have you ever considered what will be left behind when you leave this life? Every year you live contributes to the legacy you leave behind regardless of how old or young you are. Perhaps you’ve done life exercises where you imagine yourself as an older version of yourself looking back and consider what it is you want to be remembered…

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Wheel of Life

Struggle Is Part of the Wheel of Life

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Celebrate your wins and honor your struggle. Why we need  to commemorate all our experiences. Some time in the course of  our life, many of us seem to adopt an idea that when life is difficult, we have done something "wrong". We strive to reach the times when all pieces of life are moving along in a cadence and "life...
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Getting Divorced? Here’s The SMART Way To Regain Your Confidence

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You don’t have to meet the perfect person. You just have to get back out there!   Are you recently divorced and contemplating getting back into the dating scene? Divorce processes are all completely unique to each marriage situation, and that’s something you need to consider. Depending on your personal situation, your feelings about getting divorced may vary widely. You may have…

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