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teach empathy

Why It’s So Important to Teach Empathy Today More Than Ever

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We are a diverse world — diverse in culture,  viewpoint, and opportunities.  This diversity has a wealth of knowledge and insight.  But because diversity, by definition, doesn’t always speak the same language, literally or figuratively, we overlook the vast opportunities within our world.  Instead of drawing together to connect and overcome differences, polar opposite opinions divide us.  Teaching — and…

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So Emotional

Why Am I So Emotional Lately?

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This has been an intense year.  Besides a medical pandemic affecting everyone, it can seem as if we have a global emotional epidemic, as well. The condition of the world is hard to ignore. Regardless of your political affiliations, current health, and employment status, nothing feels stable. It brings up a Pandora’s Box of emotions. Amid global chaos, it triggers…

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coping in isolation

How to Erase Fear and Connect with Yourself Deeply in Coronavirus Isolation

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Use this time to connect with yourself. If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of fear regarding quarantine and isolation, and everyone is learning how to practice healthy social distance in order to help eliminate the spread of this virus. These are scary times, and it’s no wonder…

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Erase Fear and Tap into Connection

How to Erase Fear and Tap into Connection

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It’s a new world. How many times have we heard that phrase? And how many times has it had a different meaning? It’s just one example of the power of words and context.  It’s another example of the power we have to take control of emotion and ourselves. We may not have control over world events that include a virus…

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Lisa Gibert: Developing and Advancing a Vision

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Intro:  Lisa Gibert is the Chief Executive Officer of Clark College Foundation, the fundraising partner of Clark College. In 2018, Lisa was selected as one of the top fundraising leaders in the country by the Council for Advancement as Support of Education (CASE). She received the CASE Commonfund Institutionally Related Foundation Award, one of the fundraising industry’s most prestigious national…

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