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Intentional creativity to enhance life and achieve personal growth

How to Use Creativity Intentionally to Enhance Daily Life and Yourself

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Everyone is creative. We differ in our expression, and that alone speaks to the unique benefit of creativity. Because regardless of our current level of expression, by practicing our creative skills regularly, we can strengthen not only our creativity but also enhance our life and ourself. Benefits of Creativity Wondering why we should bother with fortifying our creativity? The benefits…

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Finding Answers through Astrology with Lucy Pond

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and peace through creating art This podcast year is ending with a very special interview of Lucy Pond, a well-known astrologer who combines tarot with her readings. A perhaps lesser-known gift she has, is that she is also an accomplished and multi-faceted artist.  In fact, this show may be best appreciated on my YouTube channel where you can see Lucy…

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coping in isolation

How to Erase Fear and Connect with Yourself Deeply in Coronavirus Isolation

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Use this time to connect with yourself. If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of fear regarding quarantine and isolation, and everyone is learning how to practice healthy social distance in order to help eliminate the spread of this virus. These are scary times, and it’s no wonder…

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