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developing intuition

coping in isolation

How to Erase Fear and Connect with Yourself Deeply in Coronavirus Isolation

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Use this time to connect with yourself. If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of fear regarding quarantine and isolation, and everyone is learning how to practice healthy social distance in order to help eliminate the spread of this virus. These are scary times, and it’s no wonder…

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Reading list for intuitive development

My All-Time Top 10 Books on Intuition

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There are countless ways to develop and strengthen your intuition. Reading, studying, and applying the knowledge within excellent books on the subject is one of them. Books can provide the information to teach, validate, encourage, and support us in our efforts.  Intuition is an innate human ability we all possess, rather than a gift bestowed upon a lucky few. The…

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Jan Bowen: Guide to Intuition

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Intro: In this episode, Jess Tholmer and I have another chat about intuition and make a couple announcements at the end of the conversation — including shamelessly promote a live version of my intuition course this September (2019) via Zoom. In their third interview together, Jess continues to ask Jan questions about intuition, largely inspired by our first interview on…

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