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Creativity and Relationships with the Angels

By October 7, 2020November 4th, 2020Life of Purpose

A new season of the show opens with a fan (and host) favorite guest, angel communicator, Sheri Perbeck. This is a chatty show, and despite some technical glitches, they don’t interfere with the message, even though at times it seems as if I’m talking over my dear guest. (My editor did his magic but he had a faulty tape to work with.)

Sheri and I turned on the audio earlier than we usually do so you hear more of our personal catch-up time, including what’s been happening with us during the pandemic thus far. Later in the show, you get to meet Sheri’s pup and hear a bit about one of mine. (Watch the episode on YouTube for the visuals.)

We discuss the themes the angels have as well as the connections we see between those themes. And then suggest some tools to enhance working with the angels and their message.

During the show, Sheri brings forward a message the angels bring. It’s an encouraging one about our future. 

Tune in, be well, and stay well.  I hope you enjoy the show. 


  • Sheri and Jan share what they’ve been doing since the pandemic started
  • Creativity — why it’s important and the role it has
  • Archangel Raphael and healing
  • Archangel Chamuel and relationships
  • The bridge between creativity and relationships
  • Sheri’s message from the faeries
  • The role of mind chatter and control
  • Tips and ideas to connect with angels
  • The encouraging message Sheri received during the show that brings hope for our future
  • Chamuel’s message to visualize and what stone to use
  • And so much more!


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