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Welcome to Profiles in a Life of Purpose

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Join me in casual conversations with individuals from all walks of life contributing to the world in interesting ways. Why are they worth listening to? Because through living their daily routine with intention they are doing tremendous things. Things like healing hearts and bringing people together, empowering communities and providing individuals with needed skills, giving others tools and techniques to…

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How to help in a world of hate rain drops

How to Help In A World of Hate

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The world is frequently in turmoil.  Current events often seem more like a cautionary movie than real life. Hate crimes, riots, rhetoric. Turning off the media isn’t a solution to ending the upheaval. The events don’t end. Their impact on the world and individuals has already occurred. But staying in pain isn’t useful. It doesn’t help the world and it…

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6 ways to increase growth and potential article cover

6 Ways to Increase Growth and Potential

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A new year -- time for fresh potential. Time for new beginnings, resolutions, decisions, lists. So many options can feel overwhelming, confusing, or discouraging -- the antithesis of motivation.  Yet, January is a tremendous opportunity for assessing our alignment, charting our route to happiness, and determining our goals. There are few times automatically built in to our natural year and...
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