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A Conversation with JoAnne Funch: Genuine Perspective

By November 1, 2017April 23rd, 2019Life of Purpose

JoAnne Funch: Bringing Genuine Perspective to Life & Business

Meet JoAnne Funch — marketing expert, business owner, as well as a top-rated (amonst 200 worldwide) LinkedIn trainers. If you’re wondering what connects her work in a meaningful way, listen and you’ll hear her deep heart connection to everything she does along with her commitment to values.

JoAnne brings authenticity and a unique perspective to her work and to life. Curious about the secret of marketing?  JoAnne shares her wisdom regarding connections, relationships, and authenticity and how that is part of marketing.

In our conversation you’ll also hear about how JoAnne founded her company, Marketing Dish. Her journey from grief and heartache to healing led her to become an inspirational source and hopeful teacher to many others wanting to find a way through their hard times. JoAnne shares her past, current, and future plans for her organization Heartache to Healing.

Whether business or personal, a heart connection is obvious is JoAnne’s work and purpose. She provides a different perspective for those seeking it — whether in their business or through loss.


  • What marketing is and how social media fits in
  • The magic of a name and how JoAnne came up with “Marketing Dish”
  • How circumstances shape our future and how unexpected deaths and grief led to the joy JoAnne feels today
  • JoAnne’s advise on how to succeed when starting in business — or growing
  • How JoAnne specialized in LinkedIn
  • What it takes to get to the top (JoAnne is one of the top-rated LinkedIn trainers globally)
  • JoAnne’s personal journey of grief, heartache, and healing — and what it led to
  • How to be a friend
  • JoAnne’s passions, including food, travel, and entertaining
  • JoAnne’s view of her future and a laptop lifestyle
  • The secret to getting through grief and heartache
  • What JoAnne does to return to her center and reground


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